BD LSRFortessa – Cell Analyzer

BD SORP LSRFortessa Cytometer

The BD LSRFortessa Special Order Research Product (SORP) is a 4-laser, 13-color cell analyzer equipped with high-throughput sampler (HTS) device for sample acquisition from microtiter plates.

BD SORP LSRFortessa Cytometer


  • Immunophenotyping (10+ color analysis)
  • Cell Cycle / DNA Ploidy Analysis
  • Apoptosis Assays; Proliferation Assays
  • Stem Cell Analysis; Rare Event Analysis
  • Fluorescent Protein Analysis (BFP, GFP, mCherry, dtomato etc.)
  • Functional Assays (Activation, Lysis, Mitochondrial Potential etc.)
  • Multiplex Bead Assays
  • Cell Line Characterization
  • Cell-based Therapeutics and Biomarker Evaluation


  • Four spatially separated lasers (Violet 405nm, Blue 488nm, Green 532nm, and Red 640nm)
  • 13 fluorescent detectors and 2 light scatter detectors
  • Enables separation of 0.5 µm beads from noise
  • Automated high-throughput sampler (HTS) for 96-well plates