New Users

Welcome to the Penn State Flow Cytometry Core Facility. Please complete the following steps so we can get you scheduled as quickly as possible:

New User Checklist

  • Read over our checklist and lab policies: New User Checklist
  • Meet with staff to discuss the flow cytometry project (please include at least one paper describing the type of experiment/s you wish to conduct). Contact Mitchell Koptchak to set up a time
  • Ensure that your Laboratory Safety training is up to date
  • Complete “Laser Fundamentals and Safety Training” available on EHS website under "Radiation Safety"
  • Send laser training certificate to and
  • For background information on flow cytometry, watch videos 1-5 at
  • Complete video questions hand-out, for your benefit
  • Register on iLab (, click on “sign up” in upper right-hand corner to register for an account
  • Have your principle investigator (PI) add a cost center/fund account to iLab, and have them add you to the account
  • Get iLab cost center account approved by PI

Cell Sorting Requests

To initiate a cell sorting procedure, we need to know a little more about your sample and the experiment you'll be running. Please e-mail Mitchell Koptchak to discuss a potential experiment or schedule an appointment. Additionally, please complete the following form as best as you can so we have a better idea about what you plan to sort and how to set up the sorter for your experiment:

Hands-on Training

  • E-mail Rajeswaran Mani or Mitchell Koptchak to schedule training on the machine you'd like to use, or initiate a service request on iLab
  • Complete hands-on training (usually 2 sessions, 2 hours each)
  • Sign laser-specific training sheets located in Flow Cytometry lab
  • Fill out a keycard access form and give to Laura Drew (W-102 Millennium Science Complex)

Facility Policies

Users are obligated to abide by the following facility policies:

  • Proper Laboratory attire (clothing) must be worn in the Facility. Long pants and close-toed shoes are required
  • No food or drink is allowed by the machines. You can leave it in the office area
  • Users must acknowledge the facility in all publications, posters, talks, etc. that result from using the Facility
  • Users may not train other users or log in for an untrained user
  • Users may not attach any device to a facility computer (i.e. No USB drives)
  • Users may not install software on any facility computer
  • Users may not alter preferences in software without permission from a staff member
  • Users must clean up the work area after use; training will be provided for properly cleaning instrumentation
  • The facility is not responsible for data storage. Users should promptly remove all data from facility computers using approved methods. (NO USBs)