iLab Operations Software, a part of the Agilent CrossLab family, is a management tool designed to support operations for core facility labs and shared research resources. It is used for service requests, sample processing, equipment reservations, usage tracking, billing, and invoicing.

New User Checklist

  • Meet with staff to discuss the flow cytometry project (please include at least one paper describing the type of experiment/s you wish to conduct). Contact Sarah Neering ( or Brian Dawson ( to set up a time.
  • Ensure that your Laboratory Safety training is up-to-date.
  • Complete “Laser Fundamentals and Safety Training” available on EHS website.
  • Send laser training certificate to and
  • Watch videos 1-5 at
  • Complete video questions hand-out, for your benefit.
  • Register on iLab (, click on “sign up” in upper right-hand corner to register for an account.
  • Have your principle investigator (PI) add a cost center/fund account to iLab, and have them add you to the account
  • Get iLab cost center account approved by PI.

Instructions for PI to set up cost center/funds in iLab:

  • Click here to log-in:
  • You will use your Userid and password to log into iLab.
  • Once logged in, look for the link in the left hand menu that says 'My Labs;' hover over and select your lab.
  • Set the auto-approval amount if you do not wish to approve service requests below a certain dollar amount. To do this, select the 'Members;' panel and enter a dollar amount in the 'Auto Pre-Approval;' amount and click 'Save Settings.'
  • To approve lab membership requests, select the ‘Membership Requests;' Account/Cost Centers tab. New membership requests will show at the top of this page. Click “Approve” to accept a member into your lab. Click “Reject” if they are not a member of your lab.
  • To assign an Account/Cost Center to a member of your lab, find the member in the above list where it says, ‘Account/Cost Centers’ Select the checkbox(es) to the right of their name for the Account/Cost Center(s) you wish to assign them

Additional help with iLab

  • More detailed instructions are available on our help site. For any questions not addressed, click on the “HELP” link in the upper right hand corner or contact

Hands-on training

  • Schedule on iLab under “service request” and email Sarah or Brian depending on the instrument needed
  • Complete hands-on training (usually 2 sessions, 1 hour each)
  • Sign laser-specific training sheets located in Flow Cytometry lab
  • Fill out security-access sheet and give to Laura Drew (W-102 Millennium Science Complex)

Facility Policies

Users are obligated to abide by the following facility policies:

  • Proper Laboratory attire (clothing) must be worn in the Facility
  • Users must acknowledge the facility in all publications, posters, talks, etc. that result from using the Facility
  • Users may not train other users or log in for an untrained user
  • Users may not attach any device to a facility computer (i.e. No USB drives)
  • Users may not install software on any facility computer
  • Users may not alter preferences in software without permission from a staff member
  • Users must clean up the work area after use; training will be provided for properly cleaning instrumentation.
  • The facility is not responsible for data storage. Users should promptly remove all data from facility computers using approved methods.