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Shantu Amin

Professor of Pharmacology

Etya Amsalem

Assistant Professor of Entomology
The evolutionary development and the mechanistic basis of social behavior in insects using an integrative approach encompassing chemical, genetic and physiological tools

Lin An

Graduate Student

Charles Anderson

Associate Professor of Biology
In vivo imaging of plant cell wall dynamics. Molecular genetic analysis of genes involved in cell growth. Cell wall biosynthesis in dividing cells. Cell wall engineering for sustainable bioenergy production.

Kate Anton

Research Technologist and Beekeeper - Grozinger Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Marco Archetti

Associate Professor of Biology
The dynamics of conflict and cooperation for the production of diffusible molecules by cancer cells. Using mathematical models and experiments with genetically engineered cells to unravel the dynamics of growth factor production and how to design evolution-proof cell therapies.

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Monica Arismendi

CIDD Administrative Assistant

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Jean-Paul Armache

Assistant Professor of of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Peter Arnett

Professor of Psychology
Clinical neuropsychology, neurocognitive effects of multiple sclerosis, and the neurocognitive and emotional consequences of sports-related concussion in collegiate athletes.

Igor Aronson

Co-Director of the Center for Mathematics of Living and Mimetic Matter; Huck Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering

Raquel Assis

Assistant Professor of Biology
Evolutionary genomics, molecular evolution, and bioinformatics. Particularly interested in how new functions evolve after gene duplication.

Sarah Assmann

Waller Professor of Biology
Molecular biology of plant G-proteins and kinases. Phytohormone regulation of signal transduction and RNA processing. Second messenger regulation of ion channels in plant cells.

Julian Avery

Assistant Research Professor

Viridiana Avila

Biology Graduate Student - Medina Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Michael Axtell

Professor of Biology
Discovery and characterization of plant microRNAs and siRNAs. Functions of microRNAs and siRNAs in the evolution of plant development. Genomics and bioinformatics of microRNAs, siRNAs, and their targets

Paul Babitzke

Co-Director of the Center for RNA Molecular Biology; Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Lu Bai

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Associate Professor of Physics
Single cell / single molecule study of chromatin and gene regulation.