Charles Anderson

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Charles Anderson

Research Summary

In vivo imaging of plant cell wall dynamics. Molecular genetic analysis of genes involved in cell growth. Cell wall biosynthesis in dividing cells. Cell wall engineering for sustainable bioenergy production.

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Most Recent Papers

Direct observation of the effects of cellulose synthesis inhibitors using live cell imaging of Cellulose Synthase (CESA) in Physcomitrella patens

Mai L. Tran, Thomas W. McCarthy, Hao Sun, Shu Zon Wu, Joanna H. Norris, Magdalena Bezanilla, Luis Vidali, Charles T. Anderson, Alison W. Roberts, 2018, Scientific Reports

Importin-β Directly Regulates the Motor Activity and Turnover of a Kinesin-4

Anindya Ganguly, Logan DeMott, Chuanmei Zhu, Daniel D. McClosky, Charles T. Anderson, Ram Dixit, 2018, Developmental Cell on p. 642-651.e5

Longevity in vivo of primary cell wall cellulose synthases

Joseph Lee Hill, Cooper Josephs, William J. Barnes, Charles T. Anderson, Ming Tien, 2018, Plant molecular biology on p. 279-289

Cytosolic invertases contribute to cellulose biosynthesis and influence carbon partitioning in seedlings of Arabidopsis thaliana

William J. Barnes, Charles T. Anderson, 2018, Plant Journal

POLYGALACTURONASE INVOLVED IN EXPANSION3 functions in seedling development, rosette growth, and stomatal dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana

Yue Rui, Chaowen Xiao, Hojae Yi, Baris Kandemir, James Z. Wang, Virendra M. Puri, Charles T. Anderson, 2017, Plant Cell on p. 2413-2432

Effects of Pectin Molecular Weight Changes on the Structure, Dynamics, and Polysaccharide Interactions of Primary Cell Walls of Arabidopsis thaliana

Pyae Phyo, Tuo Wang, Chaowen Xiao, Charles T. Anderson, Mei Hong, 2017, Biomacromolecules on p. 2937-2950

Activation tagging of Arabidopsis POLYGALACTURONASE INVOLVED IN EXPANSION2 promotes hypocotyl elongation, leaf expansion, stem lignification, mechanical stiffening, and lodging

Chaowen Xiao, William J. Barnes, M. Shafayet Zamil, Hojae Yi, Virendra M. Puri, Charles T. Anderson, 2017, Plant Journal on p. 1159-1173

Narcissism and the strategic pursuit of short-term mating: Universal links across 11 world regions of the international sexuality description project-2

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Identification of Ourmiavirus 30K movement protein amino acid residues involved in symptomatology, viral movement, subcellular localization and tubule formation

Paolo Margaria, Charles T. Anderson, Massimo Turina, Cristina Rosa, 2016, Molecular plant pathology on p. 1063-1079

Interconnections between cell wall polymers, wall mechanics, and cortical microtubules

Chaowen Xiao, Charles T. Anderson, 2016, Plant signaling & behavior on p. e1215396

High-Impact Papers

Real-time imaging of cellulose reorientation during cell wall expansion in Arabidopsis roots

Charles T. Anderson, Andrew Carroll, Laila Akhmetova, Chris Somerville, 2010, Plant Physiology on p. 787-796

Centriole Age Underlies Asynchronous Primary Cilium Growth in Mammalian Cells

Charles T. Anderson, Tim Stearns, 2009, Current Biology on p. 1498-1502

Metabolic click-labeling with a fucose analog reveals pectin delivery, architecture, and dynamics in Arabidopsis cell walls

Charles T. Anderson, Ian S. Wallace, Chris R. Somerville, 2012, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 1329-1334

The endocytosis of cellulose synthase in arabidopsis is dependent on μ2, a clathrin-mediated endocytosis adaptin

Logan Bashline, Shundai Li, Charles T. Anderson, Lei Lei, Ying Gu, 2013, Plant physiology on p. 150-160

POLYGALACTURONASE INVOLVED IN EXPANSION1 functions in cell elongation and flower development in Arabidopsis

Chaowen Xiao, Chris Somerville, Charles T. Anderson, 2014, Plant Cell on p. 1018-1035

Mechanosensing by the primary cilium

Sara Temiyasathit, W. Joyce Tang, Philipp Leucht, Charles T. Anderson, Stefanie D. Monica, Alesha B. Castillo, Jill A. Helms, Tim Stearns, Christopher R. Jacobs, 2012, PloS one

Xyloglucan deficiency disrupts microtubule stability and cellulose biosynthesis in arabidopsis, altering cell growth and morphogenesis<sup>1[OPEN]</sup>

Chaowen Xiao, Tian Zhang, Yunzhen Zheng, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Charles T. Anderson, 2016, Plant Physiology on p. 234-249

The fragile fiber1 kinesin contributes to cortical microtubule-mediated trafficking of cell wall components

Chuanmei Zhu, Anindya Ganguly, Tobias I. Baskin, Daniel D. McClosky, Charles T. Anderson, Cliff Foster, Kristoffer A. Meunier, Ruth Okamoto, Howard Berg, Ram Dixit, 2015, Plant Physiology on p. 780-792

Functional analysis of cellulose and xyloglucan in the walls of stomatal guard cells of Arabidopsis

Yue Rui, Charles T. Anderson, 2016, Plant Physiology on p. 1398-1419

Molecular counting by photobleaching in protein complexes with many subunits

Yalei Chen, Nathan C. Deffenbaugh, Charles T. Anderson, William O. Hancock, 2014, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 3630-3642