Emily Ansell

Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Emily Ansell

Research Summary

Advancing research surrounding stress and addiction.

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Alcohols Cannabis Alcohol Personality Brain Pathology Personality Disorders Personality Disorder Narcissism Adolescence Psychotherapy Emotion Pain Research Health Sex Characteristics Self Report Group Therapeutics Conflict (Psychology) Interviews Interview Prefrontal Cortex Heart Rate Recognition (Psychology)

Most Recent Publications

Associations between modes of cannabis use in daily life with concurrent and longitudinal hazardous use and consequences

Margaret F. Bedillion, Parag O. Dharbhamulla, Emily B. Ansell, 2022, Addictive Behaviors

Sex moderates effects of alcohol and cannabis co-use on alcohol and stress reactivity

Eric Claus, Sara K. Blaine, Katie Witkiewitz, Emily Ansell, 2022, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

The Effects of Alcohol and Cannabis Co-use on Neurocognitive Function, Brain Structure, and Brain Function

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Interpersonal Models of Personality Pathology

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