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Gustavo Nader

Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Skeletal muscle growth control and adaptations to exercise. Ribosome biogenesis, transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of RNA Polymerase I.

Kevin Namitz

Postdoctoral Researcher; Analytical Ultracentrifuge Specialist

Vijaykrishnan Narayanan

A. Robert Noll Chair Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Erin Nawrocki

Postdoctoral Researcher

Anton Nekrutenko

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Evolution of overlapping reading frames in eukaryotic genomes.

Thomas Neuberger

Director, High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility; Associate Research Professor

Tran Dang Nguyen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Xingjie Ni

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Bryan Nichols

Assistant Professor of Music

McKayla Nicol

Pathobiology Graduate Student

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Ya Chi Nien

Graduate Student
Interfere small RNA biogenesis machinery by utilizing host-induced gene silencing system in Cuscuta campestris

Gang Ning

Director, Microscopy Core Facility; Research Professor
Using microscopy and flow cytometry to analyze structures and biochemical properties of cells.

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

B. Tracy Nixon

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Structural and functional basis of cellulose synthesis. Using Physcomitrella patens and other organisms as model systems, we are learning how plants make cellulose for building new cell wall. The studies use methods of molecular biology and cryoEM to characterize the enzyme as a monomer, and when it assembles into its larger 'Cellulose Synthase Complex '(CSC for short). The aim is to understand cellulose synthesis to explain fundamentals of cell wall biology in plants, and to enable manipulation of its synthesis for applications in fields of bioenergy and materials.

William Noid

Assistant Professor of Chemistry