Thomas Neuberger

Director, High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility; Associate Research Professor

Thomas Neuberger

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Brain Seeds Diet Blood Vessels Lipids Apolipoproteins Atherosclerosis Aquaporins Fats Ketogenic Diet Apolipoproteins E Methylation Imaging Techniques Fish Brassica Napus Liver In Vitro Techniques Magnetic Resonance Ketosis Image Analysis Embryonic Structures Tendons Oils Apolipoprotein

Most Recent Publications

Q Zhang, S Cramer, K Turner, Thomas Neuberger, Patrick Drew, Nanyin Zhang, 2023, NeuroImage on p. 119887

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Most-Cited Papers

Ljudmilla Borisjuk, Thomas Neuberger, Jörg Schwender, Nicolas Heinzel, Stephanie Sunderhaus, Johannes Fuchs, Jordan O. Hay, Henning Tschiersch, Hans Peter Braun, Peter Denolf, Bart Lambert, Peter M. Jakob, Hardy Rolletschek, 2013, Plant Cell on p. 1625-1640

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Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of lipid in living plants

Ljudmilla Borisjuk, Hardy Rolletschek, Thomas Neuberger, 2013, Progress in Lipid Research on p. 465-487

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Joshua O. Taylor, Kory P. Witmer, Thomas Neuberger, Brent A. Craven, Richard S. Meyer, Steven Deutsch, Keefe B. Manning, 2014, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

News Articles Featuring Thomas Neuberger

Two Arts and Architecture faculty receive Huck Institutes joint projects grants

Penn State College of Arts and Architecture faculty members Aaron Knochel, associate professor of art education, and Cristin Millett, professor of art, have received 2023 Joint Projects in Life/Medical Sciences, Arts and Humanities Grants from Penn State’s Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences.

Millett and White to discuss 'Ex-Utero' project at Paris symposium

Cristin Millett, professor of art in sculpture at Penn State, and Cynthia White, adjunct research associate in the College of Arts and Architecture’s Arts & Design Research Incubator (ADRI), will discuss “Ex-Utero,” their ongoing research project culminating in a sculptural artwork of an artificial uterus, at ISEA2023, the 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art, in Paris, France, May 16-21.

Researchers awarded $2.3M grant to enhance understanding of rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff injuries are the second leading cause of musculoskeletal pain, following lower back pain. Their prevalence increases with age, with individuals over 80 years old at a 64% risk of the injury.

Cancer Institute receives breast cancer grant from Mary Kay Ash Foundation

Penn State College of Medicine is among the Mary Kay Ash Foundation’s 2022 cancer research grant recipients. The foundation announced $1 million in grants awarded to 10 individuals who are conducting groundbreaking research in cancers that primarily affect women.

Penn State research teams awarded seed grants to advance biodevices

Interdisciplinary research teams from across Penn State recently received seed grants from the Penn State Biodevices Seed Grant program and the Grace Woodward Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine Grant program to fund their work in advancing biodevices.

Scientists create a way to make more breathable 3D-printed tissues

The key to 3D printing bone and cartilage? Seaweed