Thomas Neuberger

Director, High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility; Associate Research Professor

Thomas Neuberger

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Most Recent Papers

A hypomethylating ketogenic diet in apolipoprotein e-deficient mice

Rita Castro, Courtney A. Whalen, Sean Gullette, Floyd J. Mattie, Cristina Florindo, Sandra G. Heil, Neil K. Huang, Thomas Neuberger, A. Catharine Ross, 2021, Nutrients

In vitro real-time magnetic resonance imaging for quantification of thrombosis

Ling Yang, Thomas Neuberger, Keefe B. Manning, 2021, Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and Medicine on p. 285-295

An atherogenic diet disturbs aquaporin 5 expression in liver and adipocyte tissues of apolipoprotein e-deficient mice

Inês V. da Silva, Courtney A. Whalen, Floyd J. Mattie, Cristina Florindo, Neil K. Huang, Sandra G. Heil, Thomas Neuberger, A. Catharine Ross, Graça Soveral, Rita Castro, 2021, Biomedicines on p. 1-16

Altering the Mechanical Load Environment During Growth Does Not Affect Adult Achilles Tendon Properties in an Avian Bipedal Model

Kavya Katugam, Suzanne M. Cox, Matthew Q. Salzano, Adam De Boef, Michael W. Hast, Thomas Neuberger, Timothy M. Ryan, Stephen J. Piazza, Jonas Rubenson, 2020, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

No effect of diet-induced mild hyperhomocysteinemia on vascular methylating capacity, atherosclerosis progression, and specific histone methylation

Courtney A. Whalen, Floyd J. Mattie, Cristina Florindo, Bertrand van Zelst, Neil K. Huang, Isabel Tavares de Almeida, Sandra G. Heil, Thomas Neuberger, A. Catharine Ross, Rita Castro, 2020, Nutrients on p. 1-15

Global brain signal in awake rats

Yuncong Ma, Zilu Ma, Zhifeng Liang, Thomas Neuberger, Nanyin Zhang, 2020, Brain Structure and Function on p. 227-240

Porous tissue strands

Yang Wu, Monika Hospodiuk, Weijie Peng, Hemanth Gudapati, Thomas Neuberger, Srinivas Koduru, Dino J. Ravnic, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2019, Biofabrication

Development and Experimental Testing of Microstrip Patch Antenna-Inspired RF Probes for 14 T MRI Scanners

Navid P. Gandji, Gangchea Lee, George Semouchkin, Elena Semouchkina, Thomas Neuberger, Michael Lanagan, 2019, IRE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques on p. 443-453

Design of a sustainable prepolarizing magnetic resonance imaging system for infant hydrocephalus

Johnes Obungoloch, Joshua R. Harper, Steven Consevage, Igor M. Savukov, Thomas Neuberger, Srinivas Tadigadapa, Steven J. Schiff, 2018, Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and Medicine on p. 665-676

Neurobiological effect of selective brain cooling after concussive injury

Alexa Walter, Katie Finelli, Xiaoxiao Bai, Brian Johnson, Thomas Neuberger, Peter Seidenberg, Timothy Bream, Mark Hallett, Semyon Slobounov, 2018, Brain Imaging and Behavior on p. 891-900

Most-Cited Papers

Surveying the plant's world by magnetic resonance imaging

Ljudmilla Borisjuk, Hardy Rolletschek, Thomas Neuberger, 2012, Plant Journal on p. 129-146

Seed architecture shapes embryo metabolism in oilseed rape

Ljudmilla Borisjuk, Thomas Neuberger, Jörg Schwender, Nicolas Heinzel, Stephanie Sunderhaus, Johannes Fuchs, Jordan O. Hay, Henning Tschiersch, Hans Peter Braun, Peter Denolf, Bart Lambert, Peter M. Jakob, Hardy Rolletschek, 2013, Plant Cell on p. 1625-1640

Effects of subconcussive head trauma on the default mode network of the brain

Brian Johnson, Thomas Neuberger, Michael Gay, Mark Hallett, Semyon Slobounov, 2014, Central Nervous System Trauma on p. 1907-1913

The use of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the subacute evaluation of athletes recovering from single and multiple mild traumatic brain injury

Brian Johnson, Michael Gay, Kai Zhang, Thomas Neuberger, Silvina G. Horovitz, Mark Hallett, Wayne Sebastianelli, Semyon Slobounov, 2012, Central Nervous System Trauma on p. 2297-2304

Mapping the functional network of medial prefrontal cortex by combining optogenetics and fMRI in awake rats

Zhifeng Liang, Glenn D.R. Watson, Kevin D. Alloway, Gangchea Lee, Thomas Neuberger, Nanyin Zhang, 2015, NeuroImage on p. 114-123

The influence of complex and threatening environments in early life on brain size and behaviour

C. De Pasquale, T. Neuberger, A. M. Hirrlinger, V. A. Braithwaite, 2016, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Preconception zinc deficiency disrupts postimplantation fetal and placental development in mice

Xi Tian, Kate Anthony, Thomas Neuberger, Francisco J. Diaz, 2014, Biology of Reproduction on p. 1-12

Metabolic alterations in corpus callosum may compromise brain functional connectivity in MTBI patients

Brian Johnson, Kai Zhang, Michael Gay, Thomas Neuberger, Silvina Horovitz, Mark Hallett, Wayne Sebastianelli, Semyon Slobounov, 2012, Neuroscience Letters on p. 5-8

A functional imaging study of germinating oilseed rape seed

Eberhard Munz, Hardy Rolletschek, Steffen Oeltze-Jafra, Johannes Fuchs, André Guendel, Thomas Neuberger, Stefan Ortleb, Peter M. Jakob, Ljudmilla Borisjuk, 2017, New Phytologist on p. 1181-1190

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of lipid in living plants

Ljudmilla Borisjuk, Hardy Rolletschek, Thomas Neuberger, 2013, Progress in Lipid Research on p. 465-487