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B. Tracy Nixon

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Structural and functional basis of cellulose synthesis. Using Physcomitrella patens and other organisms as model systems, we are learning how plants make cellulose for building new cell wall. The studies use methods of molecular biology and cryoEM to characterize the enzyme as a monomer, and when it assembles into its larger 'Cellulose Synthase Complex '(CSC for short). The aim is to understand cellulose synthesis to explain fundamentals of cell wall biology in plants, and to enable manipulation of its synthesis for applications in fields of bioenergy and materials.

Daisy Noe

Graduate Student
Plant-microbial interactions, endophytes, phylogenetics

William Noid

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Carlos Novoa

Biobehavioral Health Graduate Student

Gloriose Nsengiyumva

Graduate Student
Nitrogen losses in Corn-based systems amended with manure and digestate