Small Angle X-Ray scattering


  • Small angle X-ray scattering data of proteins and complexes are collected
  • Rigaku CrysAlis software data processing is carried out
  • ATSAS SAXS, DENSS and Pymol data analysis is done, and bead models of solvent envelopes generated
  • User training for bioSAXS analysis is provided


BioSAXS-2000 2D-Kratky system - for solution small angle scattering. The BioSAXS-2000 2D-Kratky system is a high performance compact SAXS-WAXS solution for the home lab. 


  • The equipment parts include a Kratky block collimator with motorized alignment, motorized beam stop with embedded photodiode to monitor beam intensity and measure sample transmission factor.
  • For SAXS, minimum q of 0.006 Å-1 to maximum q of 0.6Å-1 is output. For WAXS with z-axis sample motor movement enabled, a maximum q of 2.5Å-1 is measured.
  • Capillary cell holder with five capillary cell supports and with 2D sample translation for scanning.
  • Temperature control by an external water chiller/heater, temperature range of 4 – 60°C.
  • HyPix-3000 Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector for high sensitivity and low-noise measurement of SAXS experiments.
  • It also includes the OptiSAXS Confocal Max-Flux Optics that is designed specifically for SAXS-WAXS to provide faster data collection with higher signal to noise. The 2D-Kratky geometry provides significantly more flux over its pin-hole style counterpart and provides optimal solution analysis of macromolecules to gain insight into Macromolecular complexes, conformational changes, and foldedness.