Dynamic light scattering

  • Dynamic light scattering is a technique in which a beam of monochromatic light is directed through a biomolecule solution; fluctuations in scattered light intensity are analyzed.
  • A dynamic light-scattering experiment is non-invasive, and can quickly provide information about size and homogeneity of biomolecules. With this size information, sample characteristics like aggregation, folding, or conformation can be monitored as a function of various preparations, solvent conditions, temperature, or time.
  • We provide analysis of variables such as aggregation, folding, and conformation as a function or time and/or treatment. 


Viscotek 802 Dynamic Light-Scattering Instrument

A state-of-the-art dynamic light-scattering instrument matched with powerful but user-friendly OmniSIZE software to give the most sensitive and accurate hydrodynamic radius.