Dynamic Light Scattering


  • 15 microliters of macromolecular sample is needed for DLS to determine hydrodynamic Radius and Molecular weight. Ideal concentration = 1-2 mg/mL
  • Sample is loaded into quartz cuvette (provided). Laser excites the sample and using Brownian motion a series of light scattering measurements are collected at three angles in a matter of minutes and the data averaged
  • A Mass model and distribution type is selected. A graph will display bar graph which includes particle size distributions including percentage Rh(nm), %RSD, MW(kD)
  • User training is provided for data collection and analysis


Viscotek 802 Dynamic Light-Scattering Instrument

A state-of-the-art dynamic light-scattering instrument matched with powerful but user-friendly OmniSIZE software to give the most sensitive and accurate hydrodynamic radius.