Art Robbins Instruments Phoenix Protein Crystallization Robot

banner image: a closeup of the art robbins crystallization robot

The Crystal Phoenix is the ideal protein crystallography dispenser, featuring accuracy, speed and precision to make it the perfect instrument for sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch reactions

Art Robbins Phoenix Crystallization robot


  • Sitting drop reactions
  • Hanging drop reactions
  • Microbatch reactions


  • Nine assay positions: six source or destination plate positions, two reagent positions, one wash station position
  • Set up sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch reactions
  • Ninety-six-channel positive displacement head for dispensing of screen reagents
  • Non-contact nano-dispenser drive to deliver volumes as low as 100nL
  • Bench-top lab use: footprint of 25 x 27 inches
  • Microsoft Windows-based robot software