Wyatt DynaPro NanoStar Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument

Wyatt DynaPro NanoStar Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument

The DynaPro NanoStar can be operated using microcuvette-based format to analyze size distributions and particle concentrations of proteins, nanomedicines, viruses, vesicles, emulsions, micelles ,and metallic nanoparticles.

Wyatt DynaPro NanoStar Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument


  • Hydrodynamic Radius (Rh)
  • Intensity, Mass and Number distributions
  • Aggregation
  • Molecular Weight
  • A2 – Second Virial Coefficient
  • Temperature transition (Tonset)


  • Size Range, Rh, by DLS : 0.2 to 25000 nm
  • Molar Mass Range by SLS: 300 Da to 1 MDa
  • Sensitivity (lysozyme 14.4 kDa): 0.1 mg/mL
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 2 µL (quartz cuvette),4 µL (disposable cuvette)
  • Laser Wavelength: 658 nm
  • Laser Power Control: Programmable 10% to 100%
  • Temperature Control: -15 to +120 °C


Traditional batch dynamic light scattering: The DynaPro NanoStar uniquely combines two optimized 90° detections channels: one for DLS and one for static light scattering for determining hydrodynamic Radius (Rh) and Molecular weight. The NanoStar performs robust, accurate measurements with as little as 2 µL of sample.

On-Line with SEC-MALS Dynamic Light Scattering:
Using DLS on-line with SEC-MALS will provide hydrodynamic radii and, in combination with MALS, the shape factor Rg:Rh of macromolecules > 10nm.


Research reported here is supported by the NIH grant S10 OD030490 for the Wyatt SEC-MALS system to Dr. Neela Yennawar, X-ray Crystallography core facility, Penn State Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences.