Endorsements by users of the Automated Biological Calorimetry Facility at University Park

We used the Automated Biological Calorimetry Facility for our studies on mutant and wild-type spectrin-spectrin interactions. With previous experience on a manual machine, I was impressed with the ease of use, consistency of results, and increased throughput of the Auto-ITC. The small sample size also allowed us to stretch our protein preparations into more experiments. Best of all the staff are very helpful and super-friendly!

—Claire Thomas, Professor of Biology

In my work to determine the thermodynamics of double-stranded DNA binding by the transcription factor Pdx1, accomplishing my goals required collecting data sets for 16 different DNA sequences. In order to achieve this in a timely manner, I turned to the Auto-ITC, which offered the high throughput I needed. The services provided by the facility staff, the speed of the Auto-ITC, and access to additional supporting instrumentation streamlined my data collection process considerably, often enabling me to set up series of data acquisitions to run overnight for maximum efficiency.

—Monique Bastidas, Chemistry graduate student