Millipore Direct Detect Spectrometer

Banner image: closeup of Millipore Direct Detect Spectrometer

The Millipore Direct Detect is the first infrared (IR)-based protein quantitation system.

Direct Detect Spectrometer

• Protein Quantitation
• Peptide Quantitation
• Detection of biomolecules including nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates
• Quantification of long aliphatic chains in lipids and detergents

• Samples are introduced using the assay-free sample card
• Each card contains 4 polymer membrane sample positions
• Time: 2 minutes per card
• Sample volume: 2 microliters
• Range: Protein 0.25–5.0 mg/ml; Lipid 0.1–10 mg/ml

The Direct Detect spectrometer provides accurate and precise results even in the presence of detergent (SDS) and reducing agent (DTT). By measuring amide bonds in protein chains, the system accurately quantitates an intrinsic component of every protein without relying on amino acid composition, dye binding properties or reduction-oxidation (redox) potential.

Please acknowledge us as “Penn State Automated Biological Calorimetry Facility - University Park, PA”