The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Fermentation Facility

Facilitating bioprocessing services by providing equipment and expertise to university-affiliated and independent governmental and industrial researchers

The Fermentation Facility is a biotechnology pilot plant capable of research- and pilot-scale production of microbial cells over a wide range of controlled conditions.

The Facility also includes technologies for separation and cell disruption, biomolecule purification, and process monitoring.

In conjunction with the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, the Facility offers technology to size and pretreat cellulosic biomass for use as a fermentation feedstock in biofuel and other fermentation processes.


Our experienced staff are available to train researchers to use equipment and to assist project development and research.


  • Lab-wide header system for steam, hot and cold water, compressed air, and product transfer
  • Recirculating reverse-osmosis purified water system with facility-wide taps
  • Filtered air handling systems
  • Bio-safety cabinets
  • Autoclaves


Please contact the Facility to schedule equipment use or training.