Sartorius Biostat B_Twin MO - 4 x 5 L Vessels

Sartorius Biostat B
Sartorius Biostat B


  • Two Biostat B control units that can run up to 4 vessels independently
  • Total of four 5L glass vessels (double walled)
  • Capable of online temperature, pH, DO, antifoam, level, turbidity, and redox measurements
  • Control of pH (2-12), temperature (up to 80oC), foam, level, and feed integrated into system

Specifications and Features

  • DO control through simultaneous control of up to 5 actuators
  • Two mass flow controllers for gas addition (air/O2/N2)
  • Four integrated peristaltic pumps (capability to add an additional 2 external pumps)
  • BioPAT Trace unit available for online glucose and/or lactate measurement – integrated with control software for automatic glucose control
  • BioPAT MFCS software to record data and other SCADA capabilities

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