Sartorius Biostat D-DCU - 50 and 100 L vessels

Sartorius Biostat D-DCU
Sartorius Biostat D-DCU


  • Control unit connects to two vessels 50 and 100 L
  • Independent control
  • 50 L vessel working volumes of 13-50L / 100 L vessel working volumes of 24-100L
  • Sterilization in place capability
  • Three load cells for each vessel weight measurement
  • Automatic mobile CIP system available
  • Control system for pH (2-12), temperature (up to 90oC fermentation temperature), DO, foam, and pressure.

Specifications and Features

  • BioPAT Xgas Online off-gas analysis (O2 and CO2 monitoring) for each vessel
  • Online turbidity and total biomass monitoring (0 – 6 AU) (BioPAT-Fundalux optical probes)
  • Online glucose/lactate monitoring with software integration for automated glucose control (BioPAT-TRACE).
  • Five integrated peristaltic pump heads for each vessel
  • Gassing system with 2 mass flow controllers (Air/O2/N2) and 1 flow meter
  • Automatic pressure control

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