Ecological Foundations


How can we advance the understanding of diversity, systematics, and evolutionary history of organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems?


JULY 17, 2019

Parasite manipulation of host behavior

Hughes, D. P., & Libersat, F. 

JUNE 4, 2019

Exploring the lower thermal limits for development of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Waite, J. L., Suh, E., Lynch, P. A., & Thomas, M. B.

APRIL 15, 2019

Transcriptome Analyses of Heart and Liver Reveal Novel Pathways for Regulating Songbird Migration

Horton, W. J., Jensen, M., Sebastian, A., Praul, C. A., Albert, I., & Bartell, P. A.

JANUARY 1, 2019

Bee community preference for an invasive thistle associated with higher pollen protein content

Russo, L., Vaudo, A. D., Fisher, C. J., Grozinger, C. M., & Shea, K.


Systematic revision of Symbiodiniaceae highlights of the antiquity and diversity of coral endosymbionts

Lajeunesse, T. C., Parkinson, J. E., Gabrielson, P. W., Jeong, H. J., Reimer, J. D., Voolstra, C. R., & Santos, S. R. 


Paul Bartell

Associate Professor of Avian Biology
The regulation of biological clocks in birds at the systems level.

Howard Fescemyer

Assistant Research Professor

Christina Grozinger

Director of the Center for Pollinator Research; Director of the Insect Biodiversity Center; Publius Vergilius Maro Professor and Huck Scholar of Entomology
Genomics of social behavior and health in bees

Kevin Hockett

Huck Early Career Chair; Assistant Professor of Microbial Ecology
Biological Control, Biology and Ecology of Plant-Microbe and Plant-Environment Interactions, Microbial Ecology and Population Biology Faculty

Sarah Ivory

Assistant Professor of Geoscience

Todd Lajeunesse

Professor of Biology
Microbial Ecology and Evolution

Katriona Shea

Professor of Biology; Alumni Professor in the Biological Sciences
The use of ecological theory in population management.