Kevin Hockett

Huck Early Career Chair; Associate Professor of Microbial Ecology

Kevin Hockett

Research Summary

Biological Control, Biology and Ecology of Plant-Microbe and Plant-Environment Interactions, Microbial Ecology and Population Biology Faculty

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Bacteria Sulfur Pseudomonas Syringae Ascomycota Symbiosis Genome Fungi Endophytes Bacterium Bacteriophages Proteins Bacteriocins Strain Gene Expression Soil Virulence Pathogenicity Growth Genes Endophyte Pestalotiopsis Economics Gamma Proteobacteria Agar Symbionts

Most Recent Publications

Chad Fautt, Estelle Couradeau, Kevin Hockett, 2024, Scientific data on p. 8

Fabricio Rocha Vieira, Isako Di Tomassi, Isako Di Tomassi, Eoin O'Connor, Carolee T. Bull, John A. Pecchia, Kevin Hockett, 2023, Microbiology spectrum on p. 22 (unformatted)

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Rapid niche shifts in bacteria following conditioning in novel soil environments

Caylon Yates, Ryan Trexler, Idalys Bonet, William King, Kevin Hockett, Terrence Bell, 2022, Functional Ecology on p. 11

Ewingella americana: An Emerging Multifaceted Pathogen of Edible Mushrooms

Mozhde Hamidizade, S. Mohsen Taghavi, Mahsa Moallem, Milad Aeini, Amal Fazliarab, Hamid Abachi, Rachel Herschlag, Kevin L. Hockett, Carolee T. Bull, Ebrahim Osdaghi, 2022, Phytopathology on p. 37 (number of formatted pages not yet available)

Most-Cited Papers

Laura M. Kaminsky, Ryan V. Trexler, Rondy J. Malik, Kevin L. Hockett, Terrence H. Bell, 2019, Trends in Biotechnology on p. 140-151

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Factoring Ecological, Societal, and Economic Considerations into Inoculant Development

Terrence H Bell, Laura Kaminsky, Beth K Gugino, John E Carlson, Rondy Malik, Kevin Hockett, Ryan Trexler, 2019, Trends in Biotechnology on p. 572-573

News Articles Featuring Kevin Hockett

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The stories that made the year in 2022 for the Penn State Microbiome Center

Above-ground microbial communities that quell plant diseases can be developed

Microbial communities naturally living on the leaves and stems of tomato plants can be manipulated to suppress diseases that reduce productivity, according to Penn State researchers, offering hope that growers someday can apply these mixtures of bacteria and fungi to protect plants and improve harvests.

Huck graduate students among NSF award recipients

Five graduate students in Huck programs or involved with Huck centers, advised by faculty members in the College of Agricultural Sciences, were recipients or honorable mentions of National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships.

New decontamination protocol permits reuse of N95 respirators

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shortage of personal protective equipment, including “N95” respirators, needed by frontline healthcare providers. A new protocol using aerosolized hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate N95 respirators could allow them to be safely reused in some hospital settings, where the disinfectant is already being used for other decontamination purposes.

NIFA awards grant for microbial stress tolerance research

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) recently awarded Kevin Hockett $453,000 to assist in research focusing on how microbes tolerate distinct stresses.