Quantitative Courses

Melissa Rolls

The MCIBS program requires each student to take 3 credits of a course with a quantitative basis. However, we would like each student to tailor this requirement to his or her own course of study. The courses below are a starting list from which to choose, but if you find an additional course that is a better fit, please discuss it with the program chair.

  • BIOL 428, Population Genetics
  • BIOL 439, Practical Bioinformatics
  • BIOL 405, Molecular Evolution
  • BIOL 428, Population Genetics
  • BMB 484, Functional Genomics
  • BMMB/MCIBS 551, Genomics
  • BMMB 482, Informational Bioinformatics
  • BMMB 484, Functional Genomics
  • STAT 500, Applied Statistics
  • BMMB 852, Applied Bioinformatics