Scientists In Residence

Banner for Scientists in Residence Page: a high school student using a pipette

The Scientists in Residence program is a three-day biotechnology training experience for select high school students. It was established by Loida Escote-Carlson (now Teaching Professor Emeritus) and is lead by Natasha Tirko (Master of Biotechnology Program Director) and Beth Schlagenhaufer (Lab Manager). In 2023, the program partnered with Sarah Bordenstein of the Wolbachia Project.

Students conduct molecular biology experiments in The Huck Institutes' Molecular Biology Training Laboratory and gain experience with techniques like basic benchwork skills (pipetting, sterile technique, etc), DNA extraction and purification, restriction enzyme procedures, gel electrophoresis, bacterial transformation, cell culture, DNA sequencing, and bioinformatics.

Through these hands-on experiences and an ice cream social networking opportunity with current Master of Biotechnology graduate students, the program hopes to inspire the next cohort of skilled scientists and biotechnologists.