Science U Biotech Mini Summer School

The ‘Science U’ Biotechnology Mini Summer School, offered through the Eberly College of Science’s Office of Science Outreach, is an annual biotechnology science camp for high school students from all over the country. These students are fascinated by DNA and biotechnology and are interested in learning more about cutting-edge research in biopharmaceutical, agricultural, and environmental research areas. Participants conduct wet-lab experiments in the Penn State graduate student biotechnology training lab during this three-day program. Techniques like DNA cloning and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of DNA are introduced. Students also hear from Penn State scientists and industry professionals in biopharmaceutical, agricultural, and environmental biotechnology careers.

The camp is led by lead by Natasha Tirko (Master of Biotechnology Program Director), Beth Schlagenhaufer (Lab Manager), and Sarah Bordenstein (Research Professor and creator of the Wolbachia Project).

In July of 2023, we welcomed students from Pennsylvania, Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida! Check out the camp video here: