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Immunology and Infectious Disease program

Information about the Immunology and Infectious Disease emphasis area in the Molecular Cellular and Integrated Biosciences PhD Program
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Image shows a malaria sporozoiteThe Immunology and Infectious Disease emphasis area provides students with a PH.D. program that focuses on cancer immunology, immune mediated diseases, infectious disease dynamics, and viral, bacterial, and parasitic pathogenesis. In addition to specialized coursework, students conduct original research in collaboration with a faculty mentor into basic mechanisms of disease, often utilizing animal models and also the direct research interface with animal or human diseases.


Many of the faculty in the IID emphasis area are part of CMIID


students choose one course with a quantitative basis plus 9 credits of courses from the list below

Primary Recommended Courses  (In addition to the Core Courses)student in lab class

  • VBSC/MICRO 410               Principles of Immunology (3)
  • VB SC 432                           Advanced Immunology: Signaling in the Immune System (3)
  • MCIBS 511                           Molecular Immunology (2)
  • VBSC 597A                          Immunology and Infectious Disease Journal Club
  • STAT 500                              Statistics (3)

Additional Recommended Courses (to be taken at the discretion of the student, advisor, and doctoral committee)

  • VB SC 418                                Bacterial Pathogenesis (2)
  • VB SC 435                                Viral Pathogenesis (2)
  • BIOL 439                                  Practical Bioinformatics (3)
  • BIOL 497A                                Evolution of Infectious Disease
  • STAT 501                                  Regression Methods (3)
  • STAT 503                                  Design of Experiments (3)
  • MCIBS 570                               Bortree Seminars (2)
  • VBSC 514                                 Prostaglandins and Leukotrienes (3)
  • VBSC/BMMB 515                     Macrophage Biology (2)
  • VBSC 520                                 Pathobiology (3)
  • BMMB 543                               Current Topics in Gene Regulation
  • BMMB 551                               Genomics (3)
  • VBSC 591                                Disease Research Modules (A-I) (1 credit each)
  • NUTR597D                              Readings in Molecular Nutrition (1.5)
  • BMMB 852                               Applied Bioinformatics