Professional Development Overview

Huck Graduate Student Professional Development System

Interdisciplinary research demands the successful synthesis of multiple skill sets and areas of expertise. Likewise, a successful career is about more than just scientific knowledge and technical ability: leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills are necessary ingredients for success in highly competitive fields. 

In 2014, seeking to cultivate scientists who are well-rounded individuals prepared to step into leadership roles, the Huck Institutes developed a system for assessment and development, working with students, faculty, and industry professionals to identify highly valued core competencies. The Huck Graduate Student Professional Development System fills the need for enrichment in areas like organizing, effective communication, working under pressure, and more.

The Huck Graduate Student Professional Development System consists of three phases -- information collection, an interactive assessment, and a feedback meeting -- and is generally completed in less than two hours.

To participate in this developmental opportunity, please email us at