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Amanda Zak

Graduate Student

Vyankatesh Zambare

Graduate Student
Understanding stomatal mechanobiology in Arabidopsis thaliana

Sahar Zarmehri

Statistics Graduate Student - Hanks Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Daniel Zeitlen

Psychology Graduate Student

Nerya Zexer

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nanyin Zhang

Director of the Center for Neurotechnology in Mental Health Research; Huck Chair in Brain Imaging; Professor of Bioengineering
Investigating the pathophysiology of brain disorders using neuroimaging, behavioral and optogenetic methods.

Huiting Zhang

Research Laboratory Assistant - dePamphilis Lab
Functional analysis of potential parasitism genes

Amy Zhang

Statistics Graduate Student - Bao Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Sulin Zhang

Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Xiang Zhang

Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

Yi Zhang

Assistant Professor of Food Science

Fan Zhang

Graduate Student

Alex Zhao

Statistics Graduate Student - Li Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Yunzhen Zheng

Research Technologist 2, Microscopy Core Facility

Yanmengqian (Alison) Zhou

Communications Arts and Sciences Graduate Student - MacGeorge Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics