Nanyin Zhang

Huck Chair in Brain Imaging; Professor of Bioengineering

Nanyin Zhang

Research Summary

Investigate the pathophysiology of brain disorders using neuroimaging, behavioral and optogenetic methods.

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Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Animal Models Rodentia Prefrontal Cortex Amygdala Freezing Wounds And Injuries Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Anxiety Neuronal Plasticity Animals Therapeutics Rats Odorants Disorders Optogenetics Schizophrenia Gyrus Cinguli Parietal Lobe Anger Networks (Circuits) Vulnerability Tobacco Use Disorder Corticosterone

Most Recent Papers

A splitting mind: imbalanced internal and external worlds in schizophrenia

M Li, W Deng, Z He, Q Wang, C Huang, L Jiang, Q Gong, D Ziedonis, J King, X Ma, Nanyin Zhang, Tao Li, on p. 145-153

Relationship of mindful awareness to neural processing of anger stimuli and impact of mindfulness training

A Lee, D Gansler, Nanyin Zhang, M Jerram, J King, C Fulwiler, Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

Genetic influences of resting-state neural networks: a twin study

Y Fu, Z Ma, C Hamilton, Z Liang, X Hou, X Ma, X Hu, H Meng, Q He, W Deng, Y Wang, L Zhao, T Li, Nanyin Zhang, Human Brain Mapping on p. 3959–3972

Increased wiring cost during development is driven by long-range cortical, but not subcortical connections

Zilu Ma, Wenyu Tu, Nanyin Zhang, 2021, NeuroImage

An open database of resting-state fMRI in awake rats

Yikang Liu, Pablo D. Perez, Zilu Ma, Zhiwei Ma, David Dopfel, Samuel Cramer, Wenyu Tu, Nanyin Zhang, 2020, NeuroImage

Depth-dependent abnormal cortical myelination in first-episode treatment-naïve schizophrenia

Wei Wei, Yamin Zhang, Yinfei Li, Yajin Meng, Mingli Li, Qiang Wang, Wei Deng, Xiaohong Ma, Lena Palaniyappan, Nanyin Zhang, Tao Li, 2020, Human Brain Mapping on p. 2782-2793

Automatic Brain Extraction for Rodent MRI Images

Yikang Liu, Hayreddin Said Unsal, Yi Tao, Nanyin Zhang, 2020, Neuroinformatics on p. 395-406

Global brain signal in awake rats

Yuncong Ma, Zilu Ma, Zhifeng Liang, Thomas Neuberger, Nanyin Zhang, 2020, Brain Structure and Function on p. 227-240

Individual variability in behavior and functional networks predicts vulnerability using an animal model of PTSD

David Dopfel, Pablo D. Perez, Alexander Verbitsky, Hector Bravo-Rivera, Yuncong Ma, Gregory J. Quirk, Nanyin Zhang, 2019, Nature communications

Propagations of spontaneous brain activity in awake rats

Yikang Liu, Nanyin Zhang, 2019, NeuroImage

Most-Cited Papers

Uncovering intrinsic connectional architecture of functional networks in awake rat brain

Zhifeng Liang, Jean King, Nanyin Zhang, 2011, Journal of Neuroscience on p. 3776-3783

Intrinsic organization of the anesthetized brain

Zhifeng Liang, Jean King, Nanyin Zhang, 2012, Journal of Neuroscience on p. 10183-10191

Anticorrelated resting-state functional connectivity in awake rat brain

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Amygdala-orbitofrontal resting-state functional connectivity is associated with trait anger

Carl E. Fulwiler, Jean A. King, Nanyin Zhang, 2012, Neuroreport on p. 606-610

Mapping thalamocortical networks in rat brain using resting-state functional connectivity

Zhifeng Liang, Tao Li, Jean King, Nanyin Zhang, 2013, NeuroImage on p. 237-244

Mapping the functional network of medial prefrontal cortex by combining optogenetics and fMRI in awake rats

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The development and expression of physical nicotine dependence corresponds to structural and functional alterations in the anterior cingulate-precuneus pathway

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Neuroplasticity to a single-episode traumatic stress revealed by resting-state fMRI in awake rats

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