Yi Zhang

Assistant Professor of Food Science

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Chitosan Enzymes Fluoride Trypsin Adsorption Physicochemical Properties Water Antioxidants Calcium Gelatin Chitin Antioxidant Agent Food Hydrophobicity Aqueous Solution Beeswax Fish Oils Bentonite Liquid Film Carnauba Wax Peptides High Fat Diet Glucose Waxes Minerals

Most Recent Publications

Chen Li, Yunwei Wang, Zijia Huang, Yi Zhang, Jiao Li, Qing Zhang, Benjamin Kofi Simpson, Jingxue Wang, 2023, Journal of Functional Foods

Shudong He, Tiange Pan, Zuoyong Zhang, Yanni Wu, Hanju Sun, Youshui Ma, Yi Zhang, 2023, Grain and Oil Science and Technology on p. 71-81

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Pectin from plantain peels: Green recovery for transformation into reinforced packaging films

Jiayu Xie, Yi Zhang, Sappasith Klomklao, Benjamin K. Simpson, 2023, Waste Management on p. 225-233

Xinshu Qin, Xingyu Wang, Ke Xu, Yi Zhang, Hongye Tian, Yinglei Li, Bangran Qi, Xingbin Yang, 2023, Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids on p. 241-255

Assessment of dynamic digestion fate of soy protein gel induced by lactic acid bacteria: A protein digestomics research

Yaqiong Wang, Wenjing Sun, Yi Zhang, Wei Li, Qiuqin Zhang, Xin Rui, 2023, Food Hydrocolloids

Haoshuang Chen, Shudong He, Hanju Sun, Qiuyang Li, Kuan Gao, Xinya Miao, Jie Xiang, Xiongjie Wu, Longmei Gao, Yi Zhang, 2023, Separations

Recent advances in the effects of protein oxidation on aquatic products quality: mechanism and regulation

Ye Yu, Yongqiang Zhao, Yi Zhang, Benjamin K. Simpson, Shengjun Chen, Yueqi Wang, Chunsheng Li, Di Wang, Chuang Pan, 2023, International Journal of Food Science and Technology

Yueqi Wang, Yi Zhang, Yongqiang Zhao, Peng Liang, 2023, Frontiers in Nutrition

Comprehensive biorefinery of invasive European green crab (Carcinus maenas) into multiple high-value biomolecules

Yi Zhang, Paola Sully, Lea Spitzer, Pierre Dutilleul, Benjamin K. Simpson, 2022, Journal of Cleaner Production

Most-Cited Papers

Effect of beeswax and carnauba wax addition on properties of gelatin films: A comparative study

Yi Zhang, Benjamin K. Simpson, Marie Josée Dumont, 2018, Food Bioscience on p. 88-95

Isolation and prebiotic activity of water-soluble polysaccharides fractions from the bamboo shoots (Phyllostachys praecox)

Shudong He, Xin Wang, Yi Zhang, Jing Wang, Hanju Sun, Junhui Wang, Xiaodong Cao, Yongkang Ye, 2016, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 295-304

Enzymes in food bioprocessing — novel food enzymes, applications, and related techniques

Yi Zhang, Shudong He, Benjamin K. Simpson, 2018, Current Opinion in Food Science on p. 30-35

Generation of antioxidative peptides from Atlantic sea cucumber using alcalase versus trypsin: In vitro activity, de novo sequencing, and in silico docking for in vivo function prediction

Yi Zhang, Shudong He, Éric Bonneil, Benjamin K. Simpson, 2020, Food Chemistry

Preparation of mixed rare earths modified chitosan for fluoride adsorption

Peng Liang, Yi Zhang, Dongfeng Wang, Ying Xu, Lan Luo, 2013, Journal of Rare Earths on p. 817-822

Hydrophobicity and physicochemical properties of agarose film as affected by chitosan addition

Qiqi Cao, Yi Zhang, Wei Chen, Xianghong Meng, Bingjie Liu, 2018, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules on p. 1307-1313

Physicochemical and antioxidant properties of hard white winter wheat (Triticum aestivm L.) bran superfine powder produced by eccentric vibratory milling

Shudong He, Jing Li, Qian He, Huifang Jian, Yi Zhang, Jialiang Wang, Hanju Sun, 2018, Powder Technology on p. 126-133

Fish oil ameliorates trimethylamine N-oxide-exacerbated glucose intolerance in high-fat diet-fed mice

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La(III)-loaded bentonite/chitosan beads for defluoridation from aqueous solution

Yi Zhang, Ying Xu, Hao Cui, Bingjie Liu, Xiang Gao, Dongfeng Wang, Peng Liang, 2014, Journal of Rare Earths on p. 458-466

Genetically modified food enzymes: a review

Yi Zhang, Timothy Geary, Benjamin K. Simpson, 2019, Current Opinion in Food Science on p. 14-18