Xiang Zhang

Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

Xiang Zhang

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Most Recent Papers

Learning to Drop

Dongsheng Luo, Wei Cheng, Wenchao Yu, Bo Zong, Jingchao Ni, Haifeng Chen, Xiang Zhang, 2021, on p. 779-787


Tianxiang Zhao, Xiang Zhang, Suhang Wang, 2021, on p. 833-841

Local ancestry inference in large pedigrees

Heming Wang, Tamar Sofer, Xiang Zhang, Robert C. Elston, Susan Redline, Xiaofeng Zhu, 2020, Scientific Reports

Rethinking local community detection

Yuchen Bian, Jun Huan, Dejing Dou, Xiang Zhang, 2020, on p. 930-935

Semi-Supervised Graph-to-Graph Translation

Tianxiang Zhao, Xianfeng Tang, Xiang Zhang, Suhang Wang, 2020, on p. 1863-1872

Local Community Detection in Multiple Networks

Dongsheng Luo, Yuchen Bian, Yaowei Yan, Xiao Liu, Jun Huan, Xiang Zhang, 2020, on p. 266-274

Neuroimaging contrast across the cortical hierarchy is the feature maximally linked to behavior and demographics

Feng Han, Yameng Gu, Gregory L. Brown, Xiang Zhang, Xiao Liu, 2020, NeuroImage

Correction to

Yuchen Bian, Dongsheng Luo, Yaowei Yan, Wei Cheng, Wei Wang, Xiang Zhang, 2020, Knowledge and Information Systems on p. 2103-2104

Deep multi-graph clustering via attentive cross-graph association

Dongsheng Luo, Jingchao Ni, Suhang Wang, Yuchen Bian, Xiong Yu, Xiang Zhang, 2020, on p. 393-401

Local Community Detection in Multiple Networks

Dongsheng Luo, Yuchen Bian, Yaowei Yan, Xiao Liu, Jun Huan, Xiang Zhang, 2020,

Most-Cited Papers

Drug repositioning by integrating target information through a heterogeneous network model

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Robust local community detection

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Flexible and robust co-regularized multi-domain graph clustering

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Dual-regularized one-class collaborative filtering

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Dual transfer learning

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Flexible and robust multi-network clustering

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Inside the atoms

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Metric learning from relative comparisons by minimizing squared residual

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Fast and unified local search for random walk based k-nearest-neighbor query in large graphs

Yubao Wu, Ruoming Jin, Xiang Zhang, 2014, on p. 1139-1150