Reginald Adams

Associate Professor of Psychology

Research Summary

How we extract social and emotional meaning from nonverbal cues


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Most Recent Papers

Emotion Residue in Neutral Faces

Daniel N. Albohn, Reginald B. Adams, 2021, Social Psychological and Personality Science on p. 479-486

In the mind of the beholder

Troy G. Steiner, Kenneth N. Levy, Joseph C. Brandenburg, Reginald B. Adams, 2021, Personality and Individual Differences

The Expressive Triad

Daniel N. Albohn, Reginald B. Adams, 2021, Frontiers in Psychology

Emotional stereotypes on trial

Maxi Freudenberg, Daniel N. Albohn, Robert E. Kleck, Reginald B. Adams, Ursula Hess, 2020, Emotion on p. 1244-1254

Everyday beliefs about emotion perceptually derived from neutral facial appearance

Daniel N. Albohn, Reginald B. Adams, 2020, Frontiers in Psychology

Fast saccadic and manual responses to faces presented to the koniocellular visual pathway

Kestutis Kveraga, Hee Yeon Im, Noreen Ward, Reginald B. Adams, 2020, Journal of Vision

ARBEE: Towards automated recognition of bodily expression of emotion in the wild

Yu Luo, Jianbo Ye, Reginald B. Adams, Jia Li, Michelle G. Newman, James Z. Wang, 2020, International Journal of Computer Vision

Spatial and feature-based attention to expressive faces

Kestutis Kveraga, David De Vito, Cody Cushing, Hee Yeon Im, Daniel N. Albohn, Reginald B. Adams, 2019, Experimental Brain Research on p. 967-975

Reading the Lines in the Face

Robert G. Franklin, Reginald B. Adams, Troy G. Steiner, Leslie A. Zebrowitz, 2019, Emotion on p. 209-218

Magnocellular and parvocellular pathway contributions to facial threat cue processing

Cody A. Cushing, Hee Yeon Im, Reginald B. Adams, Noreen Ward, Kestutis Kveraga, 2019, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience on p. 151-162

Most-Cited Papers

Investigating variation in replicability: A "many labs" replication project

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Registered Replication Report

E. J. Wagenmakers, Titia Beek, Laura Dijkhoff, Quentin F. Gronau, A. Acosta, R. B. Adams, D. N. Albohn, E. S. Allard, S. D. Benning, E. M. Blouin-Hudon, L. C. Bulnes, T. L. Caldwell, R. J. Calin-Jageman, C. A. Capaldi, N. S. Carfagno, K. T. Chasten, A. Cleeremans, L. Connell, J. M. DeCicco, K. Dijkstra, A. H. Fischer, Francesco Foroni, U. Hess, K. J. Holmes, J. L.H. Jones, O. Klein, C. Koch, S. Korb, P. Lewinski, J. D. Liao, S. Lund, J. Lupiáñez, D. Lynott, C. N. Nance, S. Oosterwijk, A. A. Özdoğru, A. P. Pacheco-Unguetti, B. Pearson, C. Powis, S. Riding, T. A. Roberts, R. I. Rumiati, M. Senden, N. B. Shea-Shumsky, K. Sobocko, J. A. Soto, T. G. Steiner, J. M. Talarico, Z. M. van Allen, M. Vandekerckhove, B. Wainwright, J. F. Wayand, R. Zeelenberg, E. E. Zetzer, R. A. Zwaan, 2016, Perspectives on Psychological Science on p. 917-928

Taking a "Peak" at Leisure Travelers' Positive Emotions

Ondrej Mitas, Careen Yarnal, Reginald Adams, Nilam Ram, 2012, Leisure Sciences on p. 115-135

On shape and the computability of emotions

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I feel your pain: Emotional closeness modulates neural responses to empathically experienced rejection

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The Science of Social Vision

Reginald Adams, Jr., Nalini Ambady, Ken Nakayama, Shinsuke Shimojo, 2011,

Predictions penetrate perception

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Mental state decoding abilities in young adults with borderline personality disorder traits

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Smiling and sad wrinkles

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Emotion in the neutral face: A mechanism for impression formation?

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