Liana Burghardt

Huck Early Career Chair of Root Biology and Rhizosphere Interactions; Assistant Professor of Plant Science

Liana Burghardt

Research Summary

Plant-microbe-climate interactions; the evolution and ecology of legumes and nitrogen-fixing rhizobia; the genomic basis and environment dependence of root, nodule, and mutualism traits; GWAS/transcriptomics/evolve & resequence methodologies

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Genotype Genes Symbiosis Rhizobium Genetic Variation Genome Germination Bacteria Nitrogen Soil Seeds Fitness Phenology Medicago Truncatula Genomics Fabaceae Legumes Mutualism Temperature Rhizobacterium Gene Expression Gene Coevolution Ecology Dormancy

Most Recent Publications

Liana T. Burghardt, Brendan Epstein, Michelle Hoge, Diana I. Trujillo, Peter Tiffin, 2022, Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Rebecca T. Batstone, Liana T. Burghardt, Katy D. Heath, 2022, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Combining GWAS and population genomic analyses to characterize coevolution in a legume-rhizobia symbiosis

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Filling in the gaps in survival analysis: using field data to infer plant responses to environmental stressors

Bradley J. Tomasek, Liana T. Burghardt, Robert K. Shriver, 2019, Ecology

Legacy of prior host and soil selection on rhizobial fitness in planta

Liana T. Burghardt, Brendan Epstein, Peter Tiffin, 2019, Evolution; international journal of organic evolution on p. 2013-2023

Most-Cited Papers

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Applying developmental threshold models to evolutionary ecology

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