About Huck Employment

Policies of the Huck Institutes and Penn State may be found in the About section.

The Huck Institutes welcome Penn State life sciences faculty with open doors. All are welcome to attend Huck events, participate in Huck graduate student programs, use Huck facilities, or provide input into Huck research programs.

Some faculty at the Huck Institutes are "co-hires," supported jointly by the Huck and one of the participating colleges. These positions arise from conversations with deans of the colleges to determine areas of common interest, need, and opportunity, and the Huck executive team is involved in the search and recruitment. Co-hired faculty are under no further obligations: the Huck Institutes do not take part in tenure evaluations (no "double jeopardy") and do not administer grants, apart from training and instrumentation grants.

Some co-hired Huck faculty arrive through "cluster hires," which are cohorts recruited to bring diverse scientific approaches to a strategic scientific area. Cluster hires typically involve multiple colleges and departments, where these faculty have academic homes. They come together through participation in Huck Institutes and Centers to further common goals.

Faculty vary widely in the degree to which they self-identify as members of Huck Institutes and Centers, departments, and colleges.  Individual identities and intensity of affiliation can change over time as faculty take advantage of new developments and opportunities.