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Riëtte van Biljon

Postdoctoral Scholar - Llinás Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Kay van der Horst

Director of the Applied Biological and Biosecurity Research Lab

Kurt Vandegrift

Assistant Research Professor - Hudson Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Jack Vanden Heuvel

Director of the Center for Excellence in Nutrigenomics; Professor of Molecular Toxicology
Mechanisms of action of hypolipidemic drugs and peroxisome proliferators; steroid hormone receptor-mediated signal transduction; signal transduction by lipids and fatty acids; receptor-mediated carcinogenesis.

David Vandenbergh

Associate Director of the Institute of the Neurosciences; Professor of Biobehavioral Health
Genetics of addiction in human populations and its neurobiological basis in animal models.

Anne Vardo-Zalik

Assistant Professor of Biology
My research interests center on the ecology and population genetics of malaria parasites and their vectors. Presently, I am working on projects utilizing a natural, non-human malaria parasite-host relationship: the lizard malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum, its vertebrate host, the western fence lizard, Sceloporus occidentalis, and the insect vectors (sand flies- not mosquitoes) Lutzomyia vexator and L. stewarti. Research on this system has been ongoing since 1978, initiated by my Ph. D. advisor Dr. Jos. J. Schall at the University of Vermont. A brief list of my current research projects are: 1. The population genetics of the sand fly vectors for Plasmodium mexicanum and how this relates to the patchy distribution of malaria at our field sites in northern California. 2. The immune response of Sceloporus occidentalis to infection by Plasmodium mexicanum and Schellackia occidentalis: alterations in the density and classes of white blood cells in infected and noninfected lizards. 3. Transmission bottlenecks in Plasmodium mexicanum: the fate of individual clones from mixed-clone infections. 4. Blood meal size of Lutzomyia vexator and L. stewarti: vectors for the lizard malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum.

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Regina Vasilatos-Younken

Dean of the Graduate School; Professor of Poultry Science, Endocrine Physiology, and Nutrition
Role of endocrine and metabolic factors in the regulation of muscle and adipose tissue growth.

Kate Vasquez-Kuntz

Biology Graduate Student - Baums Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Anitha Vijay

Research Technologist

David Villalta

Ecology Graduate Student - Perry Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

George Vogler

Professor of Biobehavioral Health
Quantitative genetics of complex traits.

Sam Vohsen

Biology Graduate Student - Fisher Lab and Baum Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics