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Tim Reluga

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Biology
Dynamics of biological systems

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Tanya Renner

Assistant Professor of Entomology
Evolution of chemical and structural defense. Molecular evolution, evolutionary genomics, and transcriptomics. Origins and evolution of carnivorous plants.

Daniel Renner

Computational Scientist - Szpara Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Katherine Restori

Postdoctoral Scholar - Kirismanjeswara Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Mohammad Rezaee

Assistant Professor of Mining Engineering

Emma Rice

Graduate Student

Tom Richard

Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Application of fundamental engineering science to microbial ecosystems, developing innovative strategies for a more sustainable agriculture and the emerging bio-based economy.

John Richie, Jr.

Professor of Health Evaluation Sciences

Joan Richtsmeier

Professsor of Anthropology
Analysis of craniofacial phenotypes.

Bipin Rimal

Graduate Student - Patterson Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Kelly Rios

Graduate Student - Lindner Lab

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Frank Ritter

Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Psychology, Cognitive Science
Modeling effects of stress and behavior moderators on cognition within cognitive architectures.

Bob Roberts

Professor and Head of Food Science

Gavin Robertson

Professor of Pharmacology

Anthony Robinson

Associate Professor of Geography

Carla Rodgers

Administrative Support Assistant
Class Scheduling, Grad Ed Office Front Desk Reception, Access and Key Coordinator for HLSB, Wartik, MSC (keys only) and some areas of Chandlee, HLSB Mail/Package and Lost/Found Coordinator.