Harland Patch

Assistant Research Professor; Research Associate of Entomology

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Pollen Bees Bombus Lipids Bee Apis Mellifera Economics Proteins Population Pollination Ecosystem Nutrition Parasites Soil Honey Pollinating Insects Pesticides Foraging Nutrients Bombus Impatiens Insecta Viruses Pollinator Apoidea Eastern Africa

Most Recent Publications

Maryann Frazier, Elliud Muli, Harland Patch, 2024, Annual Review of Entomology on p. 439-453

InsectEye: An Intelligent Trap for Insect Biodiversity Monitoring

Eric Homan, Codey Mathis, Chonghan Lee, Harland Patch, Christian Grozinger, Vijay Narayanan, 2023, on p. 401-406

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Economic dependence and vulnerability of united states agricultural sector on insect-mediated pollination service

Vikas Khanna, Alex Jordan, Harland M. Patch, Christina M. Grozinger, 2021, Environmental Science & Technology on p. 2243-2253

Most-Cited Papers

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News Articles Featuring Harland Patch

Arboretum at Penn State's Pollinator and Bird Garden wins international award

The Arboretum at Penn State has been recognized with an international award for sustainable landscape architecture for its Pollinator and Bird Garden.

It’s Okay To Mow In May, But To Help Pollinators, Add Native Plants

Manicured lawns produce a monoculture, making it hard for bees to find food.

It’s OK to mow in May − the best way to help pollinators is by adding native plants

It’s a simple idea: Stop mowing your lawn in the month of May to let flowers in the lawn, such as dandelions and clover, grow and support bees and other pollinators.

Penn State pollinator experts author a new book that explores the lives of bees

Two renowned pollinator scientists in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences have co-authored a book that sheds light on one of the Earth’s most invaluable resources: bees.

Q&A: Should you skip #NoMowMay and #PlantMayFlowers instead?

Many have heard about “No Mow May” — a movement that encourages people not to mow their lawns during the month of May to encourage the growth of flowering plants for bees and other pollinators. But is it really beneficial?

Popular perennial flowering plants can attract diverse mix of pollinators

Popular species of perennial flowering plants vary widely in their attractiveness to pollinators, but homeowners and landscape managers who select certain perennial cultivars can support a diverse community of pollinators in their own backyards, according to a new study from a team of Penn State researchers.

Penn State centers collaborate on pollinator education project

A recently awarded USDA grant will allow CPR researchers and Center for Science and the Schools partners to partner with elementary school teachers in Pennsylvania to develop cross-disciplinary curricula that support students in understanding pollinator research in the areas of food, agriculture and natural resources.

Undergraduate Research Award Funds Pollinator Photo Project

Darya Alvarez completed a photography project funded by an Apes Valentes Undergraduate Research Award. Her goal is to help viewers gain a greater appreciation of the critical role that bees play in the survival of terrestrial ecosystems.

The business of bees

The economic value of insect pollination services is much higher than previously thought in the U.S., new research finds.

Pollinator project supports biodiversity at Penn State Orchard Road solar array

An innovative project is creating a buzz around Penn State’s University Park campus, especially among the many species of pollinators that call Centre County home.

Pollinator project will complement Penn State solar power initiative

A unique undertaking in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences will shine a light on how solar farms can contribute to healthy ecosystems and boost pollinator populations.

This Bee-Focused Gen Ed That Could Save The World

The oft-memed slogan “save the bees” has been all the buzz for several years now, but who is actually making an effort to save one of the planet’s most important insects?

Online tool identifies best and safest places to keep bees

A new online tool, developed by entomologists from Penn State University in partnership with Purdue University, the University of Illinois, the University of Minnesota and Dickinson College, helps them do just that.