Aging, Exercise, and Muscle Biology

Elderly couple working out

Aging, Exercise, and Muscle Biology

Research on aging has reached new heights with the discovery that cellular pathways may modulate both longevity and health. This research avenue is enabling scientists to illuminate the physiological mechanisms of health and disease in order to promote the human "healthspan." Many faculty members in the Plant Biology program utilize models of human and animal aging, as well as exercise as a stressor, to conduct their studies. Use of exercise as an intervention to promote healthspan and muscle growth also is emphasized.

Faculty Working In Aging, Exercise, and Muscle Biology

Potential Specialization Areas

  • Post-menopausal estrogen deficiency on cardiovascular function
  • Heterogeneity in genetically manipulated phenotypes
  • Muscle-bone interactions
  • Mechanisms of skeletal muscle hypertrophy
  • Caloric restriction