Thermo Exactive Plus

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LC-MS based global profiling of metabolites

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High-resolution mass spectrometer used for LC-MS based global profiling of metabolites, but with a targeted data analysis used for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)-based global profiling and identification of the metabolites present in biofluids and tissue extracts.

HRAM and full-scan capabilities capture all sample data, all the time, enabling retrospective data analysis without the need to repeat experiments.


  • Resolution: 140,000 FWHM at m/z 200
  • Mass range: m/z 50-6,000
  • Mass accuracy: < 1 ppm in full and AIF scan modes ensures confident compound identification
  • AIF and multiple dissociation techniques, including in-source CID and HCD, aid in compound identification
  • Acquisition rate: 1.5 Hz at a resolution setting of 140,000 at m/z 200, 12 Hz for resolution 17,500 at m/z 200
  • Dynamic range >5,000 within a single positive/negative scan
  • Polarity switching: one full cycle = <1 sec at a resolution of 35,000.


Please contact the Metabolomics Core Director, Ashley Shay, for more information.