Patrick Drew

Associate Director of the Neuroscience Institute; Huck Distinguished Associate Professor of Neural Engineering and Neurosurgery

Patrick Drew

Research Summary

Role of blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid movement in the development of neurodegenerative diseases, control of cerebral blood flow, neurovascular coupling.

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Most Recent Papers

Rude Mechanicals in Brain Hemodynamics: Non-Neural Actors that Influence Blood Flow

Anirhudda Das, Kevin Murphy, Patrick Drew, 2020, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B

Functional hyperemia drives fluid exchange in the paravascular space.

R Kedarasetti, K Turner, C Echagarruga, Bruce Gluckman, Patrick Drew, Francesco Costanzo, 2020, Fluids and barriers of the CNS on p. 52

Ultra-slow Oscillations in fMRI and Resting-State Connectivity: Neuronal and Vascular Contributions and Technical Confounds.

Patrick Drew, C Mateo, K Turner, X Yu, D Kleinfeld, 2020, Neuron

Spatial and temporal patterns of nitric oxide diffusion and degradation drive emergent cerebrovascular dynamics.

W Haselden, R Kedarasetti, Patrick Drew, 2020, PLoS computational biology on p. e1008069

Arterial pulsations drive oscillatory flow of CSF but not directional pumping.

R Kedarasetti, Patrick Drew, Francesco Costanzo, 2020, Scientific reports on p. 10102

Transfer functions linking neural calcium to single voxel functional ultrasound signal.

A Aydin, W Haselden, Y Goulam Houssen, C Pouzat, R Rungta, C Demené, M Tanter, Patrick Drew, S Charpak, D Boido, 2020, Nature communications on p. 2954

Cerebral oxygenation during locomotion is modulated by respiration

Qingguang Zhang, Morgane Roche, Kyle W. Gheres, Emmanuelle Chaigneau, Ravi T. Kedarasetti, William D. Haselden, Serge Charpak, Patrick J. Drew, 2019, Nature communications on p. 5515

Twitches, Blinks, and Fidgets

Patrick James Drew, Aaron T. Winder, Qingguang Zhang, 2019, Neuroscientist on p. 298-313

Vascular and neural basis of the BOLD signal.

Patrick Drew, 2019, Current opinion in neurobiology on p. 61-69

Anatomical basis and physiological role of cerebrospinal fluid transport through the murine cribriform plate.

J Norwood, Q Zhang, D Card, A Craine, Timothy Ryan, Patrick Drew, 2019, eLife

Most-Cited Papers

Chronic optical access through a polished and reinforced thinned skull

Patrick J. Drew, Andy Y. Shih, Jonathan D. Driscoll, Per Magne Knutsen, Pablo Blinder, Dimitrios Davalos, Katerina Akassoglou, Philbert S. Tsai, David Kleinfeld, 2010, Nature Methods on p. 981-984

Fluctuating and sensory-induced vasodynamics in rodent cortex extend arteriole capacity

Patrick J. Drew, Andy Y. Shih, David Kleinfeld, 2011, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 8473-8478

Rapid determination of particle velocity from space-time images using the Radon transform

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A polished and reinforced thinned-skull window for long-term imaging of the mouse brain.

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Neurovascular coupling and decoupling in the cortex during voluntary locomotion

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Weak correlations between hemodynamic signals and ongoing neural activity during the resting state

Aaron T. Winder, Christina Echagarruga, Qingguang Zhang, Patrick J. Drew, 2017, Nature Neuroscience on p. 1761-1769

Mechanical restriction of intracortical vessel dilation by brain tissue sculpts the hemodynamic response

Yu Rong Gao, Stephanie E. Greene, Patrick J. Drew, 2015, NeuroImage on p. 162-176

Quantitative separation of arterial and venous cerebral blood volume increases during voluntary locomotion

Bing Xing Huo, Yu Rong Gao, Patrick J. Drew, 2015, NeuroImage on p. 369-379

Brief anesthesia, but not voluntary locomotion, significantly alters cortical temperature

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Determination of vessel cross-sectional area by thresholding in Radon space

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