Melissa Rolls

Chair, Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Biosciences; Director of the Center for Cellular Dynamics; Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Melissa Rolls

Research Summary

Subcellular compartmentalization of neurons. The cellular basis of neuronal polarity and neuronal responses to injury including degeneration and regeneration.

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Most Recent Papers

Pervasive genetic interactions modulate neurodevelopmental defects of the autism-Associated 16p11.2 deletion in Drosophila melanogaster

Janani Iyer, Mayanglambam Dhruba Singh, Matthew Jensen, Payal Patel, Lucilla Pizzo, Emily Huber, Haley Koerselman, Alexis T. Weiner, Paola Lepanto, Komal Vadodaria, Alexis Kubina, Qingyu Wang, Abigail Talbert, Sneha Yennawar, Jose Badano, J. Robert Manak, Melissa M. Rolls, Arjun Krishnan, Santhosh Girirajan, 2018, Nature Communications

Identification of proteins required for precise positioning of Apc2 in dendrites

Alexis T. Weiner, Dylan Y. Seebold, Nick L. Michael, Michelle Guignet, Chengye Feng, Brandon Follick, Brandon A. Yusko, Nathan P. Wasilko, Pedro Torres-Gutierrez, Melissa M. Rolls, 2018, G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics on p. 1841-1853

Two Drosophila model neurons can regenerate axons from the stump or from a converted dendrite, with feedback between the two sites

Kavitha S. Rao, Melissa M. Rolls, 2017, Neural Development

Mitochondria and Caspases Tune Nmnat-Mediated Stabilization to Promote Axon Regeneration

Li Chen, Derek M. Nye, Michelle C. Stone, Alexis T. Weiner, Kyle W. Gheres, Xin Xiong, Catherine A. Collins, Melissa M. Rolls, 2016, PLoS Genetics

Bilaterian Giant Ankyrins Have a Common Evolutionary Origin and Play a Conserved Role in Patterning the Axon Initial Segment

Timothy Jegla, Michelle M. Nguyen, Chengye Feng, Daniel J. Goetschius, Esteban Luna, Damian B. van Rossum, Bishoy Kamel, Aditya Pisupati, Elliott S. Milner, Melissa M. Rolls, 2016, PLoS Genetics

Spastin, atlastin, and ER relocalization are involved in axon but not dendrite regeneration

Kavitha Rao, Michelle C. Stone, Alexis T. Weiner, Kyle W. Gheres, Chaoming Zhou, David L. Deitcher, Edwin S. Levitan, Melissa M. Rolls, 2016, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 3245-3256

Nicotinamide is an endogenous agonist for a C. elegans TRPV OSM-9 and OCR-4 channel

Awani Upadhyay, Aditya Pisupati, Timothy Jegla, Matt Crook, Keith J. Mickolajczyk, Matthew Shorey, Laura E. Rohan, Katherine A. Billings, Melissa M. Rolls, William O. Hancock, Wendy Hanna-Rose, 2016, Nature Communications

The microtubule-severing protein fidgetin acts after dendrite injury to promote their degeneration

Juan Tao, Chengye Feng, Melissa M. Rolls, 2016, Journal of Cell Science on p. 3274-3281

Kinesin-2 and Apc function at dendrite branch points to resolve microtubule collisions

Alexis T. Weiner, Michael C. Lanz, Daniel J. Goetschius, William O. Hancock, Melissa M. Rolls, 2016, Cytoskeleton on p. 35-44

γ-tubulin controls neuronal microtubule polarity independently of Golgi outposts

Michelle M. Nguyen, Christie J. McCracken, E. S. Milner, Daniel J. Goetschius, Alexis T. Weiner, Melissa K. Long, Nick L. Michael, Sean Munro, Melissa M. Rolls, 2014, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 2039-2050

High-Impact Papers

Spatial control of branching within dendritic arbors by dynein-dependent transport of Rab5-endosomes

Daisuke Satoh, Daichi Sato, Taiichi Tsuyama, Motoki Saito, Hiroyuki Ohkura, Melissa M. Rolls, Fuyuki Ishikawa, Tadashi Uemura, 2008, Nature Cell Biology on p. 1164-1171

Microtubules have opposite orientation in axons and dendrites of Drosophila neurons

Michelle C. Stone, Fabrice Roegiers, Melissa M. Rolls, 2008, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 4122-4129

Global up-regulation of microtubule dynamics and polarity reversal during regeneration of an axon from a dendrite

Michelle C. Stone, Michelle M. Nguyen, Juan Tao, Dana L. Allender, Melissa M. Rolls, 2010, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 767-777

A ZYG-12-dynein interaction at the nuclear envelope defines cytoskeletal architecture in the C. elegans gonad

Kang Zhou, Melissa M. Rolls, David H. Hall, Christian J. Malone, Wendy Hanna-Rose, 2009, Journal of Cell Biology on p. 229-241

Directed microtubule growth, +TIPs, and Kinesin-2 Are required for uniform microtubule polarity in dendrites

Floyd J. Mattie, Megan M. Stackpole, Michelle C. Stone, Jessie R. Clippard, David A. Rudnick, Yijun Qiu, Juan Tao, Dana L. Allender, Manpreet Parmar, Melissa M. Rolls, 2010, Current Biology on p. 2169-2177

Neuronal polarity in Drosophila

Melissa M. Rolls, 2011, Developmental Neurobiology on p. 419-429

Dendrites have a rapid program of injury-induced degeneration that is molecularly distinct from developmental pruning

Juan Tao, Melissa M. Rolls, 2011, Journal of Neuroscience on p. 5398-5405

SUN-1 and ZYG-12, mediators of centrosome-nucleus attachment, are a functional SUN/KASH pair in Caenorhabditis elegans

I. L. Minn, Melissa M. Rolls, Wendy Hanna-Rose, Christian J. Malone, 2009, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 4586-4595

Axon injury and stress trigger a microtubule-based neuroprotective pathway

Li Chen, Michelle C. Stone, Juan Tao, Melissa M. Rolls, 2012, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 11842-11847

Microtubules are organized independently of the centrosome in Drosophila neurons

Michelle M. Nguyen, Michelle C. Stone, Melissa M. Rolls, 2011, Neural Development