Francisco Dini-Andreote

Assistant Professor of Plant Science

Francisco Dini-Andreote

Research Summary

Microbiome, plant-microbe interactions, and community ecology. Harnessing the plant microbiome to enhance protection against biotic and abiotic stresses.

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Most Recent Papers

Ecological and Evolutionary Implications of Microbial Dispersal

Gordon F. Custer, Luana Bresciani, Francisco Dini-Andreote, 2022, Frontiers in Microbiology


Rodrigo G. Taketani, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Sara Beier, Camila Fernandez, 2022, Frontiers in Microbiology

Microbial phylogenetic relatedness links to distinct successional patterns of bacterial and fungal communities

Qiang Lin, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Travis B. Meador, Roey Angel, Lenka Meszárošová, Petr Heděnec, Lingjuan Li, Petr Baldrian, Jan Frouz, 2022, Environmental Microbiology

Exploring rhizo-microbiome transplants as a tool for protective plant-microbiome manipulation

G Jiang, Y Zhang, G Gan, W Li, W Wan, Y Jiang, T Yang, Y Zhang, Y Xu, Y Wang, Q Shen, Z Wei, F Dini-Andreote, 2022, ISME Communications

Modulation of the tomato rhizosphere microbiome via changes in root exudation mediated by the ethylene receptor nr

Ruixin Fu, Haichao Feng, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Zhen Wang, Chunbin Bo, Wenhui Cao, Keming Yang, Mingchun Liu, Tianjie Yang, Qirong Shen, Yangchun Xu, Zhong Wei, 2021, Microorganisms

Development of fungal-mediated soil suppressiveness against Fusarium wilt disease via plant residue manipulation

Xianfu Yuan, Shan Hong, Wu Xiong, Waseem Raza, Zongzhuan Shen, Beibei Wang, Rong Li, Yunze Ruan, Qirong Shen, Francisco Dini-Andreote, 2021, Microbiome

Promoting soil microbial-mediated suppressiveness against Fusarium wilt disease by the enrichment of specific fungal taxa via crop rotation

Xianfu Yuan, Beibei Wang, Shan Hong, Wu Xiong, Zongzhuan Shen, Yunze Ruan, Rong Li, Qirong Shen, Francisco Dini-Andreote, 2021, Biology and Fertility of Soils on p. 1137-1153

Microbial community assembly in soil aggregates: A dynamic interplay of stochastic and deterministic processes

Menghui Dong, George A. Kowalchuk, Hongjun Liu, Wu Xiong, Xuhui Deng, Na Zhang, Rong Li, Qirong Shen, Francisco Dini-Andreote, 2021, Applied Soil Ecology

Soil Microbial Diversity Affects the Plant-Root Colonization by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Dorotéia Alves Ferreira, Thais Freitas da Silva, Victor Satler Pylro, Joana Falcão Salles, Fernando Dini Andreote, Francisco Dini-Andreote, 2021, Microbial Ecology on p. 100-103

Successive plant growth amplifies genotype-specific assembly of the tomato rhizosphere microbiome

Viviane Cordovez, Cristina Rotoni, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Ben Oyserman, Víctor J. Carrión, Jos M. Raaijmakers, 2021, Science of the Total Environment

Most-Cited Papers

Disentangling mechanisms that mediate the balance between stochastic and deterministic processes in microbial succession

Francisco Dini-Andreote, James C. Stegen, Jan Dirk Van Elsas, Joana Falcão Salles, 2015, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. E1326-E1332

The microbiome of Brazilian mangrove sediments as revealed by metagenomics

Fernando Dini Andreote, Diego Javier Jiménez, Diego Chaves, Armando Cavalcante Franco Dias, Danice Mazzer Luvizotto, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Cristiane Cipola Fasanella, Maryeimy Varon Lopez, Sandra Baena, Rodrigo Gouvêa Taketani, Itamar Soares de Melo, 2012, PLoS One

Dynamics of bacterial community succession in a salt marsh chronosequence: evidences for temporal niche partitioning

Francisco Dini-Andreote, Michele De Cássia Pereira E Silva, Xavier Triadó-Margarit, Emilio O. Casamayor, Jan Dirk Van Elsas, Joana Falcão Salles, 2014, ISME Journal on p. 1989-2001

Ecology and evolution of plant microbiomes

Viviane Cordovez, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Víctor J. Carrión, Jos M. Raaijmakers, 2019, Annual Review of Microbiology on p. 69-88

Marine probiotics: increasing coral resistance to bleaching through microbiome manipulation

Phillipe M. Rosado, Deborah C.A. Leite, Gustavo A.S. Duarte, Ricardo M. Chaloub, Guillaume Jospin, Ulisses Nunes da Rocha, João P. Saraiva, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Jonathan A. Eisen, David G. Bourne, Raquel S. Peixoto, 2019, ISME Journal on p. 921-936

Effects of plastic mulch film residues on wheat rhizosphere and soil properties

Yueling Qi, Adam Ossowicki, Xiaomei Yang, Esperanza Huerta Lwanga, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Violette Geissen, Paolina Garbeva, 2020, Journal of Hazardous Materials

Community Assembly Processes of the Microbial Rare Biosphere

Xiu Jia, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Joana Falcão Salles, 2018, Trends in Microbiology on p. 738-747

Climate change affects key nitrogen-fixing bacterial populations on coral reefs

Henrique F. Santos, Flávia L. Carmo, Gustavo Duarte, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Clovis B. Castro, Alexandre S. Rosado, Jan Dirk Van Elsas, Raquel S. Peixoto, 2014, ISME Journal on p. 2272-2279

The impact of failure: Unsuccessful bacterial invasions steer the soil microbial community away from the invader's niche

C. A. Mallon, X. Le Roux, G. S. Van Doorn, F. Dini-Andreote, F. Poly, J. F. Salles, 2018, ISME Journal on p. 728-741

Metataxonomic profiling and prediction of functional behaviour of wheat straw degrading microbial consortia

Diego Javier Jiménez, Francisco Dini-Andreote, Jan Dirk Van Elsas, 2014, Biotechnology for Biofuels