Estelle Couradeau

Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Science & Management

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Soil Nitrogen Genome Cyanobacteria Lakes Soils Bacteria Genes Sulfur Temperature Amino Acids Carbonates Iron Sulfides Carbon Microbiota Oxidation Ecosystems Rhizosphere Fertilization Pathogenicity Remediation Host Specificity Fluorescence Prediction

Most Recent Publications

Chad Fautt, Estelle Couradeau, Kevin Hockett, 2024, Scientific data on p. 8

Ryan V. Trexler, Marc W. Van Goethem, Danielle Goudeau, Nandita Nath, Rex R. Malmstrom, Trent R. Northen, Estelle Couradeau, 2023, Frontiers in Microbiology

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Diana Ayala-Muñoz, Diana Ayala-Munoz, William Burgos, Javier Sánchez-España, Javier Sanchez-Espana, Carmen Falagán, Carmen Falagan, Estelle Couradeau, Jennifer L. Macalady, 2022, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology on p. 1129 (14 pages)

S Crandall, Asha Miles, Taejung Chung, Mara Cloutier, Raymond Garcia-Rodriguez, Wolfgang Schweigkofler, Estelle Couradeau, 2022, PhytoFrontiers

Novel Methods for Studying the Structure and Function of Hot Desert Microorganisms and Their Communities

Marc Van Goethem, Estelle Couradeau, Trent Northen, 2022,

Sustainable soil health

Maryann Victoria Bruns, Estelle Couradeau, 2021, on p. 181-202

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M Bruns, Estelle Couradeau, 2021, on p. 181-202

Most-Cited Papers

Karim Benzerara, Feriel Skouri-Panet, Jinhua Li, Céline Férard, Muriel Gugger, Thierry Laurent, Estelle Couradeau, Marie Ragon, Julie Cosmidis, Nicolas Menguy, Isabel Margaret-Oliver, Rosaluz Tavera, Purificación López-Garćia, David Moreira, 2014, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 10933-10938

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News Articles Featuring Estelle Couradeau

Exhibition showcases art and science collaborations

An art exhibition showcasing recent collaborations in art and science will be on display in the Huck Life Sciences Building on May 30 and May 31 in conjunction with the One Health Microbiome Center Biennial Symposium.

Six researchers recognized with Institute of Energy and the Environment Awards

Six Penn State researchers were recognized with Institute of Energy and the Environment’s (IEE) Research Awards at the IEE reception on Jan. 18 at the Hintz Family Alumni Center

Penn State-led team to study climate-threatened Colombian Paramos’ soil microbes

Estelle Couradeau will lead an international team researching how climate change will affect soil microbes in the ecologically fragile and important Paramos ecosystem in Colombia’s Andes Mountains.

Cover crops project provides fertile ground for USDA graduate fellows

Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences graduate students received more predoctoral fellowships from the U.S. Department of Agriculture than any other institution over the last five years.

Microbe-stuffed soil crusts menaced by climate change

Using a novel method to detect microbial activity in biological soil crusts, or biocrusts, after they are wetted, a Penn State-led research team in a new study uncovered clues that will lead to a better understanding of the role microbes play in forming a living skin over many semi-arid ecosystems around the world. The tiny organisms — and the microbiomes they create — are threatened by climate change.

Energy, environmental seed grants awarded to interdisciplinary research teams

Nineteen interdisciplinary research teams received funding through the Institutes of Energy and the Environment’s (IEE) Seed Grant Program for 2023.

Digging into the past: Forgotten soil samples are opportunity for new research

While most time capsules found on campus feature pop-culture relics like vintage copies of the Daily Collegian newspaper, the College of Agricultural Sciences has unearthed a different kind of relic: sealed jars of soil samples collected by Penn State researchers in 1915 and 1933.

Students in College of Ag Sciences course support 'Plant the Moon' Challenge

Students enrolled in a course offered by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences this fall explored the possibility of growing food in space as part of NASA’s Plant the Moon Challenge.

Microbiome Center announces inaugural Interdisciplinary Innovation Fellows

The Penn State Microbiome Center has named six recipients for its inaugural Interdisciplinary Innovation Fellowships (IIF) program, which aims to promote collaborative training opportunities for center members.

Ecology Institute announces grant recipients

The Ecology Institute has awarded 11 proposals from across the University as part of its Flower Grant program, including five projects submitted by faculty at Commonwealth Campuses.