Joshua Kellogg

Emphasis Area Representative, Molecular Toxicology; Assistant Professor of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Joshua Kellogg

Research Summary

Development of new metabolomics tools for chemical and biological characterization of complex systems. Discovery of new natural products from plants and microorganisms with novel bioactivity against pathogenic fungi and neglected tropical diseases. Bioanalytical techniques to probe the mechanism of action and basic biology of these target organisms. Ethnobotany and indigenous knowledge surrounding plant-based medicine.

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Metabolomics Biological Products Mass Spectrometry Hydrastis Principal Component Analysis Occurrence In Nature Datasets In Vitro Techniques Seaweed Liquid Chromatography Metabolites Antioxidants Macrophages Metabolite Fungi Health Dietary Supplements Inflammation Lipid Metabolism Drug Interactions Fucus Distichus Indole Alkaloids Microbial Ecology Visualization Mitragyna

Most Recent Papers

Assessing Transporter-Mediated Natural Product-Drug Interactions Via In vitro-In Vivo Extrapolation

James T. Nguyen, Dan Dan Tian, Rakshit S. Tanna, Deena L. Hadi, Sumit Bansal, Justina C. Calamia, Christopher M. Arian, Laura M. Shireman, Bálint Molnár, Miklós Horváth, Joshua J. Kellogg, Matthew E. Layton, John R. White, Nadja B. Cech, Richard D. Boyce, Jashvant D. Unadkat, Kenneth E. Thummel, Mary F. Paine, 2021, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics on p. 1342-1352

Interlaboratory Comparison of Untargeted Mass Spectrometry Data Uncovers Underlying Causes for Variability

Trevor N. Clark, Joëlle Houriet, Warren S. Vidar, Joshua J. Kellogg, Daniel A. Todd, Nadja B. Cech, Roger G. Linington, 2021, Journal of Natural Products on p. 824-835

Quantification for non-targeted LC/MS screening without standard substances

Jaanus Liigand, Tingting Wang, Joshua Kellogg, Jørn Smedsgaard, Nadja Cech, Anneli Kruve, 2020, Scientific Reports

Chemical composition and biological effects of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

D. A. Todd, J. J. Kellogg, E. D. Wallace, M. Khin, L. Flores-Bocanegra, R. S. Tanna, S. McIntosh, H. A. Raja, T. N. Graf, S. E. Hemby, M. F. Paine, N. H. Oberlies, N. B. Cech, 2020, Scientific Reports

The Chemistry of Kratom [ Mitragyna speciosa]

Laura Flores-Bocanegra, Huzefa A. Raja, Tyler N. Graf, Mario Augustinović, E. Diane Wallace, Shabnam Hematian, Joshua J. Kellogg, Daniel A. Todd, Nadja B. Cech, Nicholas H. Oberlies, 2020, Journal of Natural Products on p. 2165-2177

Metabolomics, an essential tool in exploring and harnessing microbial chemical ecology

Joshua Kellogg, Seogchan Kang, 2020, Phytobiomes Journal on p. 195-210

Identification of adulteration in botanical samples with untargeted metabolomics

E. Diane Wallace, Daniel A. Todd, James M. Harnly, Nadja B. Cech, Joshua J. Kellogg, 2020, Fresenius Zeitschrift fur Analytische Chemie on p. 4273-4286

Chemical evaluation of the effects of storage conditions on the botanical goldenseal using marker-based and metabolomics approaches

Manead Khin, Nadja B. Cech, Joshua J. Kellogg, Lindsay K. Caesar, 2020, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine on p. 265-275

Composite score analysis for unsupervised comparison and network visualization of metabolomics data

Joshua J. Kellogg, Olav M. Kvalheim, Nadja B. Cech, 2020, Analytica Chimica Acta on p. 38-47

Uncovering Bioactive Natural Products Via Biochemometric Methodologies

Joshua Kellogg, Nadja Cech, 2020, on p. 271-279

Most-Cited Papers

Biochemometrics for Natural Products Research

Joshua J. Kellogg, Daniel A. Todd, Joseph M. Egan, Huzefa A. Raja, Nicholas H. Oberlies, Olav M. Kvalheim, Nadja B. Cech, 2016, Journal of Natural Products on p. 376-386

Endolichenic fungi

Joshua J. Kellogg, Huzefa A. Raja, 2017, Phytochemistry Reviews on p. 271-293

Phlorotannins from alaskan seaweed inhibit carbolytic enzyme activity

Joshua Kellogg, Mary H. Grace, Mary Ann Lila, 2014, Marine Drugs on p. 5277-5294

Biochemometrics to Identify Synergists and Additives from Botanical Medicines

Emily R. Britton, Joshua J. Kellogg, Olav M. Kvalheim, Nadja B. Cech, 2018, Journal of Natural Products on p. 484-493

Comparison of Metabolomics Approaches for Evaluating the Variability of Complex Botanical Preparations

Joshua J. Kellogg, Tyler N. Graf, Mary F. Paine, Jeannine S. McCune, Olav M. Kvalheim, Nicholas H. Oberlies, Nadja B. Cech, 2017, Journal of Natural Products on p. 1457-1466

Selection and characterization of botanical natural products for research studies

Joshua J. Kellogg, Mary F. Paine, Jeannine S. McCune, Nicholas H. Oberlies, Nadja B. Cech, 2019, Natural Product Reports on p. 1196-1221

Alaskan seaweeds lower inflammation in RAW 264.7 macrophages and decrease lipid accumulation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Joshua Kellogg, Debora Esposito, Mary H. Grace, Slavko Komarnytsky, Mary Ann Lila, 2015, Journal of Functional Foods on p. 396-407

Opportunities and Limitations for Untargeted Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics to Identify Biologically Active Constituents in Complex Natural Product Mixtures

Lindsay K. Caesar, Joshua J. Kellogg, Olav M. Kvalheim, Nadja B. Cech, 2019, Journal of Natural Products on p. 469-484

Promoting wellness in Alaskan villages

Courtney G. Flint, Ewan S. Robinson, Joshua Kellogg, Gary Ferguson, Lama BouFajreldin, Mallory Dolan, Ilya Raskin, Mary Ann Lila, 2011, EcoHealth on p. 199-209

Chemical and in vitro assessment of Alaskan coastal vegetation antioxidant capacity

Joshua Kellogg, Mary Ann Lila, 2013, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry on p. 11025-11032