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Graduate Training in the Reproductive Microbiome Fellowship Application

The Reproductive Microbiome Training Fellowship offers specialized instruction focused on interactions between the microbiome and animal reproductive cells and tissues. It includes three years of grade 14 funding, including summer salary and tuition.


  • Incoming and first-semester graduate students in any Huck graduate program or graduate programs in Animal Science and Entomology are eligible to apply. Other grad programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Applicant must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Research interests and/or thesis topic must relate to animal agriculture
  • Commit to enroll in the Dual-Title degree in Microbiome Sciences
  • Submit application by May 31, 2024

Areas of Research

Mammalian Reproductive Microbiome

  • Gonadal function and fertilization (Francisco Diaz, Wansheng Liu)
  • Maternal-embryo interaction (Troy Ott)
  • Pregnancy health and development (Elizabeth Hines)
  • Animal health and microbiomes (Erika Ganda)
  • Uterine health and microbiome (Adrian Barragan)
  • Metabolic control of reproduction (Ramesh Ramachandran)
  • Circadian Systems (Paul Bartell)

Arthropod Reproductive Microbiome

  • Genetic and symbiotic control of reproduction (Seth Bordenstein, Jason Rasgon)


To be considered for a fellowship, please assemble the following materials and submit here

  • CV (1 to 2 pages)
  • Graduate or undergraduate transcripts (copies are sufficient)
  • Statement of research interests including relevance to the reproductive microbiome, applicability of research to animal agriculture. Must include a statement of commitment to enroll in Dual-Title degree in MB sciences
  • Mentor letter of support

Questions about the Graduate Training in the Reproductive Microbiome Fellowship may be directed to Francisco Diaz:

Francisco Diaz

Director of the Center for Reproductive Health and Biology; Associate Professor of Reproductive Biology