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The Future of Bioenergy and Biorenewables Workshop

Fall 2020

The fields of bioenergy and biorenewables have seen and continue to experience unprecedented growth, as the world seeks to shift its economy to a sustainable, renewable basis. Penn State's Center for Biorenewables works to catalyze this transformation through innovation and education relating to biorenewable food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, materials, and energy.  

The 2020 "Future of Bioenergy and Biorenewables" workshop presents emerging opportunities in the bioenergy and biorenewables space, related to ongoing research efforts at Penn State and commercial developments at companies and institutions in the region. The event will include a presentations, networking, and discussion, as well as follow up focus sessions and virtual tours of Penn State’s biorenewables research infrastructure. 

Who Should Attend?  

This workshop is designed for individuals seeking to explore upcoming opportunities for bioenergy and biorenewables in the emerging bioeconomy, and to network with researchers and project developers in this space. Biomass and bioproducts professionals, project developers, policy makers, researchers, and public sector professionals are all encouraged to attend.