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Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Image: Ebola 2014
  Epidemics MOOC team discuss the current Ebola outbreak. read more
Image: Novel chemistry turns conventional polymers into biomedical supermaterials
  Jian Yang and his lab are developing extraordinary fluorescent, biodegradable, and 3D-printable biomedical materials. read more
Image: Elyse Muñoz & Scott Lindner
  Elyse Muñoz and Scott Lindner study the malaria parasite. read more
Image: Matt Ferrari
  Matt Ferrari studies long-term trends in childhood infectious diseases. read more
Image: Emily Finch & Sandeep Prabhu
  Emily Finch and Sandeep Prabhu study relationships between diet and disease. read more
Image: Marta Byrska-Bishop & Ross Hardison
  Marta Byrska-Bishop and Ross Hardison study the genomics of inherited disease. read more

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Upcoming Events
Oct 27, 2014 Monday 12:10 PM
A. Lacey Samuels (Department of Botany, University of British Columbia)
Cell Biology of Lignification
Oct 29, 2014 Wednesday 4:00 PM
Kyung-An Han (University of Texas at El Paso)
Neuromodulatory Mechanisms for Individual and Species Fitness
Oct 30, 2014 Thursday 11:00 AM
Firdaus Dhabhar (Stanford University School of Medicine)
A Hassle A Day May Keep The Doctor Away: Protective Versus Harmful Effects Of Stress On Immune Function
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