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Ecology Institute announces request for proposals

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Nina Jablonski joins Huck Associate Directors

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Walt McVey joins Huck Assistant Directors

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Troy Ott joins Huck Associate Directors

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Announcing Cyberhealth Seed Grant recipients

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Mother's diet influences weight-control neurocircuits in offspring

Maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation may prime offspring for weight gain and obesity later in life, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers, who looked at rats whose mothers consumed a high-fat diet and found that the offsprings' feeding controls and feelings of fullness did not function normally.

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Researchers discover gene that controls melting point of cocoa butter

The discovery of a gene involved in determining the melting point of cocoa butter -- a critical attribute of the substance widely used in foods and pharmaceuticals -- will likely lead to new and improved products, according to researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.

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Dream to provide science supplies in Africa wins $7,500 Ag Springboard top prize

Bridge the GapSci -- a nonprofit venture by Huck graduate students Kerry Belton (Molecular Toxicology), Jamaal James (Molecular Medicine), Shawntawnee Collins (Immunology and Infectious Disease), Sarah Owusu (Physiology), and Josephine Garban (Molecular Medicine) -- won the $7,500 grand prize in the Ag Springboard student business pitch competition.

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