The study of climate change and its impact on disease

The study of climate change and its impact on disease

The potential impact of global climate change on infectious disease has been the subject of considerable research and policy debate. Evidence from diverse systems and approaches indicates that climate change could potentially increase incidence of certain diseases. But for other diseases, studies predict no net change or even reductions in distribution and/or transmission intensity. 

In this collaborative review article published last month in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, CIDD Professor Matthew Thomas examines the current state of climate-disease research and explores some of the challenges and approaches necessary to advance the understanding and improve the predictions of future disease risk. Overall, this review addresses important factors involved in the understanding and study of interactions between climate change and infectious diseases. 

Synopsis written by Alexia Karanikas. 

Written By: Rohr JR, Dobson AP, Johnson PT, Kilpatrick AM, Paull SH, Raffel TR, Ruiz-Moreno D, & Thomas MB

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Journal: 26: 270-277

Journal Reference: 26: 270-277

Paper Id: doi:10.1016/j.tree.2011.03.002