Xiao Liu

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Xiao Liu

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Most Recent Papers

Physiologic noise co-activation pattern in default mode network

Wanyong Shin, Xiao Liu, Mark Lowe,

Reduced coupling between cerebrospinal fluid flow and global brain activity is linked to Alzheimer disease–related pathology

Feng Han, Jing Chen, Aaron Belkin-Rosen, Yameng Gu, Liying Luo, Orfeu M. Buxton, Xiao Liu, 2021, PLoS Biology

Decoupling of Global Brain Activity and Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow in Parkinson's Disease Cognitive Decline

Feng Han, Gregory L. Brown, Yalin Zhu, Aaron E. Belkin-Rosen, Mechelle M. Lewis, Guangwei Du, Yameng Gu, Paul J. Eslinger, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, Xiao Liu, 2021, Movement Disorders

Transient arousal modulations contribute to resting-state functional connectivity changes associated with head motion parameters

Yameng Gu, Feng Han, Lucas E. Sainburg, Xiao Liu, 2020, Cerebral Cortex on p. 5242-5256

Local Community Detection in Multiple Networks

Dongsheng Luo, Yuchen Bian, Yaowei Yan, Xiao Liu, Jun Huan, Xiang Zhang, 2020, on p. 266-274

Local Community Detection in Multiple Networks

Dongsheng Luo, Yuchen Bian, Yaowei Yan, Xiao Liu, Jun Huan, X Zhang, 2020,

Neuroimaging contrast across the cortical hierarchy is the feature maximally linked to behavior and demographics

Feng Han, Yameng Gu, Gregory L. Brown, Xiang Zhang, Xiao Liu, 2020, NeuroImage

Arousal Contributions to Resting-State fMRI Connectivity and Dynamics

Yameng Gu, Feng Han, Xiao Liu, 2019, Frontiers in Neuroscience

Adaptive neural network for node classification in dynamic networks

Dongkuan Xu, Wei Cheng, Dongsheng Luo, Yameng Gu, Xiao Liu, Jingchao Ni, Bo Zong, Haifeng Chen, Xiang Zhang, 2019, on p. 1402-1407

Spatio-Temporal Attentive RNN for Node Classification in Temporal Attributed Graphs

Dongkuan Xu, Wei Cheng, Dongsheng Luo, Xiao Liu, X Zhang, 2019, on p. 3947--3953

Most-Cited Papers

Time-varying functional network information extracted from brief instances of spontaneous brain activity

Xiao Liu, Jeff H. Duyn, 2013, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 4392-4397

EEG correlates of time-varying BOLD functional connectivity

Catie Chang, Zhongming Liu, Michael C. Chen, Xiao Liu, Jeff H. Duyn, 2013, NeuroImage on p. 227-236

Quantitative imaging of energy expenditure in human brain

Xiao Hong Zhu, Hongyan Qiao, Fei Du, Qiang Xiong, Xiao Liu, Xiaoliang Zhang, Kamil Ugurbil, Wei Chen, 2012, NeuroImage on p. 2107-2117

Tracking brain arousal fluctuations with fMRI

Catie Chang, David A. Leopold, Marieke Louise Schölvinck, Hendrik Mandelkow, Dante Picchioni, Xiao Liu, Frank Q. Ye, Janita N. Turchi, Jeff H. Duyn, 2016, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 4518-4523

Neural origin of spontaneous hemodynamic fluctuations in rats under burst-suppression anesthesia condition

Xiao Liu, Xiao Hong Zhu, Yi Zhang, Wei Chen, 2011, Cerebral Cortex on p. 374-384

Decomposition of spontaneous brain activity into distinct fMRI co-activation patterns

Xiao Liu, Catie Chang, Jeff H. Duyn, 2013, Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

Dynamic resting state functional connectivity in awake and anesthetized rodents

Zhifeng Liang, Xiao Liu, Nanyin Zhang, 2015, NeuroImage on p. 89-99

The change of functional connectivity specificity in rats under various anesthesia levels and its neural origin

Xiao Liu, Xiao Hong Zhu, Yi Zhang, Wei Chen, 2013, Brain Topography on p. 363-377

Subcortical evidence for a contribution of arousal to fMRI studies of brain activity

Xiao Liu, Jacco A. De Zwart, Marieke L. Schölvinck, Catie Chang, Frank Q. Ye, David A. Leopold, Jeff H. Duyn, 2018, Nature Communications

Pre-ART levels of inflammation and coagulation markers are strong predictors of death in a south african cohort with advanced HIV disease

Lotty Ledwaba, Jorge A. Tavel, Paul Khabo, Patrick Maja, Jing Qin, Phumele Sangweni, Xiao Liu, Dean Follmann, Julia A. Metcalf, Susan Orsega, Beth Baseler, James D. Neaton, H. Clifford Lane, Project Phidisa Biomarkers Team The Project Phidisa Biomarkers Team, 2012, PLoS One