Xiao Liu

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Xiao Liu

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Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Arousal Sleep Anesthesia Spectral Resolution Cerebrospinal Fluid Physiology Primates Alzheimer Disease Consciousness Potential Field Primate Clearance Frequency Analysis Sensory System Wakefulness Datasets Rodentia Pathology Macaca Electrophysiology Potential Fields Experiments Shift

Most Recent Publications

Electrophysiological and fMRI signals show consistent global propagations across the cortical hierarchy

Yameng *Gu, Xiao Liu,

Behavior-related resting-state MEG/fMRI connectivity changes are related to the hierarchical organization of the neocortex

Feng *Han, Xiao Liu,

Spontaneous global brain events marked by sequenced cascades of spiking neurons

Xiao Liu, David Leopold, Yifan *Yang,

Salience network modulation leads a sequence of brain activity that causes resting-state fMRI correlations with EEG and physiological signals

Yameng *Gu, Feng *Han, Lucas *Sainburg, Xiao Liu,

Physiologic noise co-activation pattern in default mode network

Wanyong Shin, Xiao Liu, Mark Lowe,

Adaptive Neural Network for Node Classification in Dynamic Networks

Dongkuan Xu, Wei Cheng, Dongsheng Luo, Yameng *Gu, Xiao Liu, jingchao Ni, Bo Zong, Haifeng Chen, X Zhang, on p. 3947--3953

Salience network leads sequenced brain changes underlying fMRI correlation with EEG and physiology

Yameng *Gu, Feng *Han, Lucas *Sainburg, Xiao Liu,

Resting-state fMRI and EEG alpha power show distinct correlations at different time lags

Yameng *Gu, Xiao Liu,

Most-Cited Papers

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