Xiao Liu

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Xiao Liu

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Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Arousal Biomarkers Interleukin 6 C Reactive Protein Spectral Resolution Inflammation Coagulation Physiology Primates Therapeutics Fibrin Fragment D Datasets Anesthesia Electroencephalography Information Services Hiv Potential Field Primate Mothers Biological Marker Marker Sensory System Energy Metabolism

Most Recent Publications

Resting-state fMRI and EEG alpha power show distinct correlations at different time lags

Yameng *Gu, Xiao Liu,

Behavior-related resting-state MEG/fMRI connectivity changes are related to the hierarchical organization of the neocortex

Feng *Han, Xiao Liu,

Electrophysiological and fMRI signals show consistent global propagations across the cortical hierarchy

Yameng *Gu, Xiao Liu,

Physiologic noise co-activation pattern in default mode network

Wanyong Shin, Xiao Liu, Mark Lowe,

Spontaneous global brain events marked by sequenced cascades of spiking neurons

Xiao Liu, David Leopold, Yifan *Yang,

Salience network modulation leads a sequence of brain activity that causes resting-state fMRI correlations with EEG and physiological signals

Yameng *Gu, Feng *Han, Lucas *Sainburg, Xiao Liu,

Salience network leads sequenced brain changes underlying fMRI correlation with EEG and physiology

Yameng *Gu, Feng *Han, Lucas *Sainburg, Xiao Liu,

Consistent global propagations across cortical hierarchy in the electrophysiological and fMRI signals

Yameng *Gu, Xiao Liu,

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