Tracy Langkilde

Tracy Langkilde

Professor and Head of Biology

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The interface of ecology and evolution to understand how an organism's traits are matched to its environment and responds to novel selective pressures imposed by global environmental change, and the consequences of this adaptation.

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Most Recent Papers

Obtaining plasma to measure baseline corticosterone concentrations in reptiles

Catherine Tylan, Kiara Camacho, Susannah French, Sean P. Graham, Mark W. Herr, Jermayne Jones, Gail L. McCormick, Melissa A. O'Brien, Jennifer B. Tennessen, Christopher J. Thawley, Alison Webb, Tracy Langkilde, 2020, General and Comparative Endocrinology

Glucocorticoids do not influence a secondary sexual trait or its behavioral expression in eastern fence lizards

K. J. MacLeod, G. L. McCormick, T. Langkilde, 2019, Scientific reports

Contrasting Responses of Lizards to Divergent Ecological Stressors across Biological Levels of Organization

Rory S. Telemeco, Dasia Y. Simpson, Catherine Tylan, Tracy Langkilde, Tonia S. Schwartz, 2019, Integrative and comparative biology on p. 292-305

Gestation alters the gut microbiota of an oviparous lizard

Brian K. Trevelline, Kirsty J. MacLeod, Tracy Lee Langkilde, Kevin D. Kohl, 2019, FEMS microbiology ecology

Aversion learning in response to an invasive venomous prey depends on stimulus strength

Cameron P. Venable, Thomas Adams, Tracy Lee Langkilde, 2019, Biological Invasions on p. 1973-1980

Fitness costs of mating with preferred females in a scramble mating system

Lindsey Swierk, Tracy Lee Langkilde, 2019, Behavioral Ecology on p. 658-665

Tree selection is linked to locomotor performance and associated noise production in a lizard

Kirsty J. MacLeod, Nicole A. Freidenfelds, Gavin M. Leighton, Tracy Langkilde, 2019, Journal of Zoology on p. 195-202

Population history with invasive predators predicts innate immune function response to early-life glucocorticoid exposure in lizards

Gail L. McCormick, Travis R. Robbins, Sonia A. Cavigelli, Tracy Langkilde, 2019, Journal of Experimental Biology

Presence of an invasive species reverses latitudinal clines of multiple traits in a native species

Christopher J. Thawley, Mark Goldy-Brown, Gail L. McCormick, Sean P. Graham, Tracy Langkilde, 2019, Global Change Biology on p. 620-628

Maternal corticosterone increases thermal sensitivity of heart rate in lizard embryos

Dustin A.S. Owen, Michael J. Sheriff, Jennifer J. Heppner, Hannah Gerke, David C. Ensminger, Kirsty J. MacLeod, Tracy Langkilde, 2019, Biology Letters

Recent Most-Cited Papers

Traffic noise causes physiological stress and impairs breeding migration behaviour in frogs

Jennifer B. Tennessen, Susan E. Parks, Tracy Langkilde, 2014, Conservation Physiology

The physiological basis of geographic variation in rates of embryonic development within a widespread lizard species

Wei Guo Du, Daniel A. Warner, Tracy Langkilde, Travis Robbins, Richard Shine, 2010, American Naturalist on p. 522-528

The role of behaviour in the establishment of novel traits

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Invader danger

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The impacts of invaders

Sean P. Graham, Nicole A. Freidenfelds, Gail L. McCormick, Tracy Lee Langkilde, 2012, General and Comparative Endocrinology on p. 400-408

Evading invaders

N. A. Freidenfelds, T. R. Robbins, Tracy Lee Langkilde, 2012, Behavioral Ecology on p. 659-664

Does environmental enrichment really matter? A case study using the eastern fence lizard, Sceloporus undulatus

Renee Louise Rosier, Tracy Lee Langkilde, 2011, Applied Animal Behaviour Science on p. 71-76

Latitudinal and seasonal variation in reproductive effort of the eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)

Weiguo Du, Travis R. Robbins, Daniel A. Warner, Tracy Langkilde, Richard Shine, 2014, Integrative zoology on p. 360-371

How do duration, frequency, and intensity of exogenous CORT elevation affect immune outcomes of stress?

Gail L. McCormick, Katriona Shea, Tracy Langkilde, 2015, General and Comparative Endocrinology on p. 81-87

Female lizards discriminate between potential reproductive partners using multiple male traits when territory cues are absent

Lindsey Swierk, Matthew Ridgway, Tracy Langkilde, 2012, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology on p. 1033-1043