Thomas Gould

Jean Phillips Shibley Professor and Department Head of Biobehavioral Health

Thomas Gould

Research Summary

Using genetic, pharmacological, behavioral, and molecular biological techniques to study the neurobiology of learning and memory and the effects of addiction on it.

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Nicotine Fear Conditioning (Psychology) Learning Hippocampus Nicotinic Receptors Inbred C57bl Mouse Inhibition (Psychology) Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 Prefrontal Cortex Psychological Extinction Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor Self Administration Epigenomics Genes Choline Executive Function Cocaine Saccharin Diet Up Regulation Long Term Memory Chromatin Assembly And Disassembly Reward Hyperhomocysteinemia

Most Recent Papers

Adolescent and adult nicotine exposure differentially impacts oral nicotine and oral saccharin self-administration in mice

Robert D. Cole, Cassandra Wolsh, Matty Zimmerman, Evelynn Harrington, Thomas J. Gould, Vinay Parikh, 2019, Behavioural Brain Research on p. 836-844

Stress and nicotine during adolescence disrupts adult hippocampal-dependent learning and alters stress reactivity

Erica D. Holliday, Sheree F. Logue, Chicora Oliver, Debra A. Bangasser, Thomas J. Gould, 2019, Addiction Biology

Paternal nicotine enhances fear memory, reduces nicotine administration, and alters hippocampal genetic and neural function in offspring

Lisa R. Goldberg, Dana Zeid, Munir Gunes Kutlu, Robert D. Cole, Valeria Lallai, Aswathy Sebastian, Istvan Albert, Christie D. Fowler, Vinay Parikh, Thomas J. Gould, 2019, Addiction Biology

Cognitive rigidity and BDNF-mediated frontostriatal glutamate neuroadaptations during spontaneous nicotine withdrawal

Robert D. Cole, Matty Zimmerman, Anastasia Matchanova, Munir Gunes Kutlu, Thomas J. Gould, Vinay Parikh, 2019, Neuropsychopharmacology

Choline ameliorates adult learning deficits and reverses epigenetic modification of chromatin remodeling factors related to adolescent nicotine exposure

Miri Gitik, Erica D. Holliday, Ming Leung, Qiaoping Yuan, Sheree F. Logue, Roope Tikkanen, David Goldman, Thomas J. Gould, 2018, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory on p. 239-248

Digital Delivery of Meditative Movement Training Improved Health of Cigarette-Smoke-Exposed Subjects.

2018, Frontiers in public health on p. 16

Nicotine modulates contextual fear extinction through changes in ventral hippocampal GABAergic function

Munir Gunes Kutlu, David A. Connor, Jessica M. Tumolo, Courtney Cann, Brendan Garret, Thomas J. Gould, 2018, Neuropharmacology on p. 192-200

The long-term cognitive consequences of adolescent exposure to recreational drugs of abuse

Sean M. Mooney-Leber, Thomas J. Gould, 2018, Learning and Memory on p. 481-491

Chronic nicotine exposure in preadolescence enhances later spontaneous recovery of fear memory

Dana Zeid, Thomas J. Gould, 2018, Behavioral Neuroscience on p. 240-246

Differential Effects of Nicotine Exposure on the Hippocampus Across Lifespan.

2018, Current neuropharmacology on p. 388-402

Most-Cited Papers

The neural and genetic basis of executive function

Sheree F. Logue, Thomas J. Gould, 2014, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior on p. 45-54

Diet-induced hyperhomocysteinemia increases amyloid-β formation and deposition in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

J. M. Zhuo, G. S. Portugal, W. D. Kruger, H. Wang, Thomas J. Gould, D. Praticò, 2010, Current Alzheimer Research on p. 140-149

Gadd45b knockout mice exhibit selective deficits in hippocampus-dependent long-term memory

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Developmental effects of acute, chronic, and withdrawal from chronic nicotine on fear conditioning

George S. Portugal, Derek S. Wilkinson, Jill R. Turner, Julie A. Blendy, Thomas J. Gould, 2012, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory on p. 482-494

The role of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the medial prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in trace fear conditioning

J. D. Raybuck, T. J. Gould, 2010, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory on p. 353-363

The effects of acute, chronic, and withdrawal from chronic nicotine on novel and spatial object recognition in male C57BL/6J mice

Justin W. Kenney, Michael D. Adoff, Derek S. Wilkinson, Thomas J. Gould, 2011, Psychopharmacology on p. 353-365

The duration of nicotine withdrawal-associated deficits in contextual fear conditioning parallels changes in hippocampal high affinity nicotinic acetylcholine receptor upregulation

Thomas J. Gould, George S. Portugal, Jessica M. André, Matthew P. Tadman, Michael J. Marks, Justin W. Kenney, Emre Yildirim, Michael Adoff, 2012, Neuropharmacology on p. 2118-2125

Nicotinic receptors in the dorsal and ventral hippocampus differentially modulate contextual fear conditioning

Justin W. Kenney, Jonathan D. Raybuck, Thomas J. Gould, 2012, Hippocampus on p. 1681-1690

Effects of chronic low- and high-dose nicotine on cognitive flexibility in C57BL/6J mice

Leonardo A. Ortega, Brittany A. Tracy, Thomas J. Gould, Vinay Parikh, 2013, Behavioural Brain Research on p. 134-145

Reactivation of cocaine reward memory engages the Akt/GSK3/mTOR signaling pathway and can be disrupted by GSK3 inhibition

Xiangdang Shi, Jonathan S. Miller, Lauren J. Harper, Rachel L. Poole, Thomas J. Gould, Ellen M. Unterwald, 2014, Psychopharmacology on p. 3109-3118