Tarkeshwar Singh

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Tarkeshwar Singh

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Eye Movements Eye Young Adult Touch Stroke Robotics Saccades Posture Hand Strength Fractals Head Hand Postural Balance Back Extremities Task Performance And Analysis Biomechanical Phenomena Short Term Memory Brain Injuries Trail Making Test Fatigue Ataxia Parkinson Disease Planning Fluctuation

Most Recent Publications

Perceptual-cognitive integration for goal-directed action in naturalistic environments

Jolande Fooken, Bianca Baltaretu, Deborah , Gabriel Diaz, Jennifer Semrau, Tarkeshwar Singh, J. Crawford, 2023, Journal of Neuroscience

Oindrila Sinha, Shirin Madarshahian, Ana Gómez-Granados, Morgan L. Paine, Isaac Kurtzer, Tarkeshwar Singh, 2023, Journal of Neurophysiology on p. 1293-1309

Object motion influences feedforward motor responses during mechanical stopping of virtual projectiles: a preliminary study

Ana Gómez-Granados, Isaac Kurtzer, Sean Gordon, Deborah A. Barany, Tarkeshwar Singh, 2023, Experimental Brain Research on p. 1077-1087

Tarkeshwar Singh, John Ross Rizzo, Cédrick Bonnet, Jennifer A. Semrau, Troy M. Herter, 2023, Experimental Brain Research on p. 547-558

Neurophysiological Basis of Motor Control

M Latash, Tarkeshwar Singh, 2023,

Matt J. Dunn, Robert G. Alexander, Onyekachukwu M. Amiebenomo, Gemma Arblaster, Denize Atan, Jonathan T. Erichsen, Ulrich Ettinger, Mario E. Giardini, Iain D. Gilchrist, Ruth Hamilton, Roy S. Hessels, Scott Hodgins, Ignace T.C. Hooge, Brooke S. Jackson, Helena Lee, Stephen L. Macknik, Susana Martinez-Conde, Lee Mcilreavy, Lisa M. Muratori, Diederick C. Niehorster, Marcus Nyström, Jorge Otero-Millan, Michael M. Schlüssel, Jay E. Self, Tarkeshwar Singh, Nikolaos Smyrnis, Andreas Sprenger, 2023, Behavior Research Methods

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Cédrick T. Bonnet, Déborah Dubrulle, Tarkeshwar Singh, 2021, European Journal of Applied Physiology on p. 893-901

Most-Cited Papers

Bodywide fluctuations support manual exploration: Fractal fluctuations in posture predict perception of heaviness and length via effortful touch by the hand

Madhur Mangalam, Ryan Chen, Terrence McHugh, Tarkeshwar Singh, Damian Kelty-Stephen, 2020, Human Movement Science on p. 102543

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